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Lorna's new Konkani album "Tuzo Mog"

The First Lady Encores.....

Her irresistible voice enthralled Goan in her younger days with hits like Bebdo, Calangute, and Pisso. Lorna's soulful voice in fact can and never will be forgotton. Period. She's back now with here new album "Tujo Mog". This time that easily recognizable voice is back courtesy of Bond (Afonso) Braganza, the album's lyricist who took the initiative to reintroduce the Goan nightingale after a three year break due to ill health. Lorna released her last album 'Tuje Vinnem' three years ago. Bond from Mapusa is the father of Veeam Braganza, who herself is said (in some circles at least) to be a younger version of Lorna. Workign exclsuively with daughters Veeam and Riasa, Bond has been planning for long to get Lorna back on air.

One of Veeam's Konkani song

"I toiled for one whole year to get Lorna to Dear Studio, the recording studio in Mahalaxmi from Dhobitalao where she stays to sing just ten songs. it was a tedious task but I am happy with the results. I wrote the lyrics, composed the tunes and described the songs to Lorna", says Bond.

Music House, owned by Gurudas Gondalkar in Mapusa, has produced 'Tuzo Mog'. To be released on July 26 in Goa it will be available in Vancouver, Paris, and London.

Albano Fernandes, a Swindon-based Goan will promote the album in the UK. About the album, he says, "I wrote teh first osng, 'Bob Marley' when I was in Class VI and Lorna sings that in the album", says Bond. "The other songs like 'Nach Rock and Roll", 'Yeo Yeo Moga' and 'Dudsagor' are written keeping Lorna in mind", he adds. The entire album has ten songs, all sung by her.

Bond has worked with music master Josihno, to add a little bit of Chris Perry's magic to the songs. "We didn't try to ape his music but tried out something which resembles his evergreen hits. Chris Perry is a legend and getting close to his style is a big achievement itself", admits Bond. The album begins with a romantic title track "Tuzo Mog" which Bond thinks can be sung at weddings. "Reng te Teng" is a Kunbi song which stretched her to the limit by its distinctive music. Junior Bond and Aniceto have sung duets with Lorna in the album. "From love ballads to Lorna's signature strong voice, "Tuzo Mog" has different genres of music in reportedly one great album.

"Lorna has health problems. When I went to her the second time with the lyrics, she was suprised and appeared not be remember that she had already consented to sing. She didn't say much, she just listened to the lyrics. But when she entered the recording studio, she became this giant. You don't argue with her, and yet she is open to suggestions".

Bond has produced six albums with daughters Veeam and Riasa and wrote the lyrics for most of Veeam's Konkani songs except for the album titled "Johnny Johnny". He performed at local tiatrs and sang before small audiences before jumping on the stage to act in (late) Fr. Freddy J. Da Costa's tiatrs, "Niz Mog" and "Doxea" and Dr. Rosario Rodrigues' "Mhaka Jivonnk Di". He acted the lead role in all three dramas. Now, he is content with supporting the careers of his daughters as they develop themselves in the industry.

This article was published in the Herald - 16 July 2009
(Reported by Dolcy D'Cruz)

Bond Braganza can be contacted at sarabond123 at gmail dot com

as archived by gaspar almeida,
17 July 2009


Lorna bonds with Bond:

By Daniel F. De Souza

Mapusa based tiatrist and businessman Bond Braganza is all set to hit the headlines with his latest Konkani audio album ‘Tuzo Mog’ featuring the nightingale of the Konkani stage Lorna. Incidentally ‘Tuzo Mog’ is the title of one of Lorna’s hit song she sang earlier in Chris Perry Album. We will have to wait and watch what Bond has to offer in his latest audio album with a similar name. Whatever it is, it should surely be good!

The album I am told has 10 tracks all rendered by Lorna including two duets wherein she teams up with Jr. Bond (Mother-son duet) and Anicetto (A romantic duet). In the past Bond has produced 3 audio albums viz. ‘Mhaka Jieunk di, Mhozo Hero and Johnny Johnny’ which featured his singer daughter Veeam whose singing style and voice resembles closely to Lorna’s and were quiet a ht with the music lovers.

All the songs in the album have lyrics by Bond and the musical score is composed by Goa State Awardee Maestro Josinho D’Souza. Bond claims that the music in the album is specially scored keeping in mind the singer’s versatility and intensity of voice. Some of the tracks in the album he stated will surely remind listeners of the legend Chris Perry and his music. The tracks to be looked forward are viz., ‘Dudhsagar, Lollipop, Rengtte-teng, Bob Marley and Goenchem Sorpotel’ The album is recorded at Audio Master with Aurville Rodrigues.

‘Tuzo Mog’ is scheduled for release in Goa on 25th July at Mapusa followed by an international release at UK on 9th August 2009. The audio Album is produced and marketed by Music House Productions, Mapusa Goa.

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