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A Respectful Tribute to M. Boyer

A Respectful Tribute to M. Boyer

Goans from all walks of live and across all spans of age,
were acquainted with the name of M. Boyer. His forays on the stage, with his
characteristic gestures would stir the audience to giggle and wriggle, while
his lyrics would entertain, nay invite one to introspect deep into one’s

He was conscious of the fact that “Sounsar Sudhorlo” does
beg the “Ponn” (but/yet) of customs, habits and un-reflected superstitions. It
was the “Ponn” that cast shadow upon and veiled the progress. He conscientised
his audience that progress should impact all facets of life and existence. The
world mourns a ‘tiatrist’ and a singer, in the passing away of M. Boyer.

But, every genuine Goan mourns a genuine son of the land,
whose concern was “Aplo Ganv [Goa]” and “Apli
Bhas [Konkani],” as revealed to us in his first cassette, “Golden Goa.” His
concern for his land (Aplo Ganv) was profound and deep-seated, as he sings,
“Goa xhar amchem, uzvaddachem mannik tem,
teachem sudharop kel’lem tor odik porzollit zatem. Ponn Goa xhar pokrun
bhitorleam kelam ritem.. Magir Goykara fuddar amcho kitem?” He lamented
that “Ami goykar fokot sirvisoch korunk
urle, amcheam xikloleam bhurgeank bhailea ganvanim dhaddle. Goyam, bhailo lok
ieun karkannem bhandlet vhoddle. Atam goykaramnim tanche nokor zaumche poddle.”
Decades ago, he cautioned us, “Goa mannik
dovlotichem… ponn konn nokllo kitem zait Goa
xharachem.” He provoked us to realize that “Goa bhitorlean pokorlam, fokot
suropaien urlam. Atam goykaramnim urlolem
samballpachem.” Therefore he suggested a dual approach, “Ami goykar ekvott
ghoddun, soglle goyche
dongor foddun, chinttat re min tem goyant koddoupachem,” and “Goyam kakhanne
bandhat re, sirviso goykarank diat re, ani goyant dovrat bhangar goykaranchem.”
In view of this, he boldly exhorted the young minds, “dekhun engineer zaiat re,
Goyam karkhanne bandhat re, nam tor lok
bandhun goychi girestkai vhortole.”

His Goanness made him appeal to Goans to cherish their
mother-tongue Konkani and to spare no pains to promote it. His concern was to
make Konkani the binding force of Goans, irrespective of religion, caste or
whatever. It was seen by him as the true and visible sign of our Goanness. The
neglect of Konkani he prophesied could lead to the doom of the land and its
entity, when he sang “Ami khoinche te
sangonk ghuspotole ami, Goykar sanddtole zorui sandot tor Konkani.” He
reflected that the consequences of not giving Konkani its due importance would
be catastrophic by stating that “ami
sanddtole sandlli zalear amchi bhas Konkani.”

He was firmly convinced that the Goan identity was deeply
ingrained in our language and vice-versa. That is why he exhorted “amchem
goykarponn rakhonk samballat Konkani.”

It is worthy to note that Goans, irrespective of political
party affiliations, creed or other differences are mourning the loss of the
great man, M. Boyer.

Lest we carve a niche for him just in the portals of
artistes, I would suggest that we look at his contribution, not only as a
performer/actor and singer, but moreover, as a social activist and reformer and
give him due recognition.

He has received the prestigious “Padma Bhushan” for his
artistic talent. We Goans still owe him our recognition, by making his dreams
and aspirations for Goa and Goan identity our
vocation. The only reward we can offer him is to assure that we live on his
legacy: A legacy of dedication to “Aplo Ganv [Goa]”
and “Apli Bhas [Konkani].”

Our politicians and those at the helm of decision making
process and governance should develop a guilt conscience and, a firm resolve to
protect the Goan identity. A guilt conscience, that they have not done enough
to avert the exploitation of “Aplo Ganv,” rather that they have voluntarily
blessed it, for their own gains. A guilt conscience that they have politicized
the language issue, neglecting the serious ramifications it has to our Goan
identity. Thus, they should evolve a firm resolve to truly honour this great
son of the soil by working to save whatever is left of Goa
for Goans and by safeguarding our Goanness by promoting Konkani. The “special
status” for Goa and a resolution to promote Konkani (in Devnagiri and Roman
script) could only be a starting point on the long and arduous journey of
reclaiming Goa and Goanness. Although late, it
is better late than never…

If we fail in promoting his project, then we will be living
under the condemnation of “Sounsar Sudhorlo, PONN…” This is a baton he has
handed over to each of us who pride to be Goans… A baton to be like him, true
and dedicated Goans…

May the soul of M. Boyer rest in peace, yet leave all of us
Goans, RESTLESS till we pledge ourselves wholeheartedly, and strive undauntedly
to work to achieve what was so dear to his heart... A Golden Goa.



Padmashree M Boyer died today

a pic

While we were the function 'Yuva Srujan Puraskar 2009' it was announced there
the sad news of Tiatrist Ppadmashree M Boyer.

M Boyer, many will remember him singing on Akasvani Ponje (AIR) or All India
Radio, Panjim.

Some of his popular songs played on Radio were


Goemche Convent

Mazor Kombi Bhoklli

Lila o Dila etc etc

My Boyer was sick for last 3 years or so (bedridden)

M Boyer song is heard in this Clip

Adieus M Boyer.
for Goa & NRI related info...
For Goan Video Clips

[Goanet] M . BOYER - DEAD
mario rodrigues
Sun, 31 May 2009 06:56:11 -0700

May dear Boyer's soul rest in peace and God grant strength to his family ,
friends, Tiatrists and all the people who loved his different roles & acting onstage and also his talent of composing songs onstage/onthe spot.
Our sincere sympathies and condolences to his family.
Mario Rodrigues

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