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Adeus Goa Xarache Kokanni Noketra

Padma Bhushan M Boyer passes away
Posted by: radiogoa

Padma Shree awardee,Goa's Konkani stage stalwart Manuel Santana Aguiar popularly known as M Boyer passed away today at his South Goa residence following prolonged illness. He was 78.This great son of the soil has devoted his energies and contibuted soo much for the Konkani Stage.M. Boyer wrote and presented his first play "Rinkari" at the age of 18 and there was no looking back since then.He was best known for his comedy songs in tiatrs , for which the public would have him repeat his performances over and over again.RadioGoa offers its condolences to his bereaved family.

M Boyer
Posted by: Matilda Fernandes
Sad to hear the news about The Grat M Boyer.

Super Star!!
Posted by: Suzen Cardozo
I wud n still never prefer going for drama, but if i knew dat M boyer is der in dat perticular drama, Oh.. i never missed da chance. He was n his songs are simply good. He is and will be forever a real super star..May You Rest In Peace..Amen..

End of a legacy
Posted by: Tony Dsouza
Today comes to end the legacy set by M Boyer.This great soul who has composed and sung over a 1000 songs in Konkani has passed away.My only wish is that Goan people come together and errect a statue of him in Panjim for some who has given so much for our Mai Bhas.

Posted by: Filipe Dias
M.BOYER was a great composer,singer,script-writer,actor cum director and of course a good comedian."Goenche Konvent" "Zatra" "Ixttagot" and many others are his most memorable songs. His best tiatrs were "Sonvsar Sudhorlo" "Ekuch Rosto" "Bhurgim ani Bhangar" etc. He excelled in singing both Comedy and Decent Kantaram. Truly a Shining Star of Konkani stage. Due to his ailing he could not stage his last drama "EK GHOR ANI CHEAR VANTTE" I remember his last words to Dubai Tiatr lovers in Nashwan hall were "TUMI GHOR BHANDAT ANI VANTTE KOXE KORUNK ZAI TEM HANV TUMKAM DAKHOITOLOM" He said while announcing his new above named drama. May God grant his soul eternal peace and give courage to his bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss.

M. Boyes adeus
Posted by: Simon
AnotherKonkani star fallen out.He will be remembered for his good work for Konkani to keep it alive.May the soul ofM Boyer restin peace.

A true Superstar
Posted by: Maria Rodrigues
A true superstar of konkani stage has left us for heavenly abode.M Boyer , you will always live in our hearts and on Radiogoa too.My deepest symphthy for his bereaved family.

Deepest sympathy to the family
Posted by: Remy Fernandes
"UNITED FRIENDS" deeply morns the death of M. Boyer, the legend of our Konkani Stage. May his soul rest in peace. Our heartfelt sympathies to the bereaved family.

Posted by: Maxie P/Canada
You will always be remembered in the history of Konkani Tiatr.Goenkarano please press for a statue of Late Boyer to honour him, in Goa.We NRIs will back you up.He deserves the honour.

Posted by: Sharjah Goans Tiatristancho Zomo
M.Boyer...adeus tuka ami kortanv amchea kalzache kolaiek thaun. Aiz tuvem roilole fulte kol'le amche borobor asat pordesant..konknni machier porzoltat, punn tankam polounk tuka noxib na zalem.Adeus tuka ami kot'tanv anik tuje oslo artist amkam porot meuchona munn suskarthaum.

Posted by: Sylvia Fernandes-DeMelo

On behalf of our entire family, may I thank Radio Goa for dedicating today to my beloved Uncle, M. Boyer, and also to everyone on this site for their messages of condolences and prayers. My Uncle was not only the best on the Konkani Stage, but the pillar of strength, wisdom and love for our whole family. Our loss is too great to express in words and your support gives us strength. Thank you.

True Goan Konkani star (M.Boyer)
Posted by: Hobert
M.Boyer, the true goan son who always entertain us through his comedy songs has passed away. May his soul rest in peace and I pray to God to create such 10 konkani lover to us. Since today we will see another konkani star shining in the sky.

Posted by: John Marques
M.Boyer nhanv tujem konknni machie'velem,
Borpur vaur kelo tuvem rakhunk nhanv konkani bhaxechem,
Ot'tra vorsanche piraier tuvem machier poilem paul marlem,
Yesh tuvem zoddlem konkani bhaxechea mogi'anchem,
Ek Noketr jem Sat't(60) Vorsam konkani machier pozol'lem tem az Paloulem,
Rochnara Devan Hem Noketr sodanch sorgar porzolaunk hea patkeachem magnnem.

Mhoji Dhukachi bhuzvonn tujea kuttumbhak.

RIP M. Boyer ..Goans salute you
Posted by: Paklo Bendit
For Any Bardez-kar. friday nite/Narvekar Mattov(mapsa)/M.boyer Tiatr/Housefull Board brings back nostaligic memories.Encore, once more, his comdey songs often composed on the spur of the ONCE MORE(copied by many)brought out the loudest whistles .offering condolences to family i pray for the love of tiatr/konkani they will give copyrights for a serial reproduction of all his tiatr & songs and not be bound by money greed for the same. Senhor M. Boyer Your statue will befit your work. You were a true konkani and Goan Icon. R.I.P

Adous Mogal Goankara
Posted by: Acacio - Melvin -Thomas
May u sould rest in peace, we salute you for your love and great contribution towards the people of goa and konkani lovers. this loss can never ever be valued .
Acacio Fernandes
Bur Dubai, Vasco Da Gama


Godbye sir Boyer
Posted by: Rocky
You have given a honour to konkani music and tiatrs by winning the national award, the first tiatrist to get that recognition.My salute to you sir Boyer.This a big loss to konkani language.As we say goodbye , I send my deepest symphaties to his bereaved family.

Adeus M. Boyer
Posted by: Jemilson Monteiro
End of an era, we have lost one of our greatest tiatrist ever, May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Farewell M. Boyer!
Posted by: goaricardo
You have been a true artist, a musical virtuoso and a brand ambasador of Goan culture! Goa will never forget your immense contribution to Konkani Music

Konknni Machie'velo Okond Khambo
Posted by: John Marques
Ani ek goenchea ani goenche konkni bhaxecho khmbo konsoddlo mhonn hanv mhoje dhukahe ul'las porgot'tam. Aplea akhea jivitant tum vavurlo unch dovrunk bhavto konknni bhaxecho, zaiteank rosto legun dhakoilo konknni palkacho,Zorui tuvem sangat sod'dla zait sonvsaracho punn tuvem ghailolea kantarani tum amchea kalzani sasnak jivo astolo. Devan tuka aplea ghopant gheunk mhojo anvdo.Dhukest bhuzvonn tachea kuttumbhak ani tachea mogiank.

Farewell M. Boyer
Posted by: J Travasso
you were one of the best we had in our life time, a true and comited entertainer. Till date you were second to none. I offer my deepest condolences to his bereaved family.

Adeus Goa Xarache Kokanni Noketra
Posted by: Victoria Lobo
Aiz ami Goemcho loc visorchenaum tujo mog amchea Goa Xarak ani Kokanni Bhass voir cadunk tum vavurloi to. Tum vortoloi khoro Put Goa Xaracho jo vavurloi Kokanni Bhass voir kadunk ani tossot soglea Goeamchea locak khoxen borunk tuji komiddi cataranim ani tiatrani bori dacoun diun.
Ami tucam Salute cortam hea tujea borea vaurac ani amchi Konkanni Mai Bhass tujea vorvim voir soroun paupak. Magtaum tujea vaurac foll melonk ani tuji xincon amche Maim Bhassechi amche calzant rigounk.

Magtaum tujea othmeac sorgarache raj favo zaunk.
Amichi Dhukachi bhuzvonn tuje familic.

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