Friday, June 5, 2009

News of Death of M.Boyer

Padma Shree M. Boyer Ontorle

Padmashree Manuel Santana Aguiar, Konknni rong-machier M.Boyer hea nanvan
pollzollpi famad tiatrist az Mayeache 30ver, 2009 sokallchea 10 vaztam tanche
ganv-ghora Santemol-Raia, hea sonvsarak ontorle. Tanchi pirai 78 vorsam asli.
Gelea 3 vorsam te bholaiken bore nasle. Tancho zolm 11-10-1930 zal’lo.

Konknni Tiatr mollar yogdan (contribution) kel’lean, tacho sotkar ‘Sangeet
Natak Academy’-n kela. Ani tiatrisponnachea itihasan tannem poilo ‘Padma Shree’
puroskar zhoddun ghetla. Gelea 50 vorsam Konknni rong-machier tannem raj
choloilem. Tannem boroun digdorxit kel’le famad tiatr “Sonvsar Suddorlo” ani
“Ekuch Rosto” omor ugddasache zatele.

Somplelea M. Boyerache familik, Team dukhest bhuzvonn dita.

Gaspar Almeida (in Paris, France)
Lino B. Dourado (in Kuwait)

I tune in to AIR FM in the mornings as my mom who is 87 is eager to hear the Konkani songs. When I broke the news to her of her favourite M Boyer's death, she was sad. However, I consoled her by telling her that her favourite FM radio will oblige her with M Boyer's songs today as a mark of respect to his long innings.

Sad to say that what was aired was just some unusual trash enough to make me shut off the radio with disgust.

Cheers to M Boyer.
Goa and Goans will never miss him.

floriano lobo

It is indeed sad to hear about the death of MBoyer. He was a great composer and his play always had social themes. Ekuch rosto brought unity between religions, sounsar sudorlo, Bhurgim bangar are some of the plays I can remember of his. He could compose songs at any moment of time even when he would be on the stage. He was a very simple man and never showed pride while moving with junior artist. He would respect other people . I was lucky to have acted with him in some of the tiatros of Fr.Freddy da Costa, Mike Mehta and he even acted in my own play "Nirmon " when I had stagged in the school where I was teaching. In his death the state has lost one of the great artist .Our sincere sympathies with the family who always were with him when ever he staged his own plays. May his soul rest in peace

Albert DeSouza


Noted Konkani playwright Mr. Manuel Santan Aguiar popularly known as M Boyer
expired today morning at 10 a.m at his residence in Santemol after a prolonged
physical disability. He was 78 years (born on 11/10/1930)

He ruled the Konkani stage for well over half a century and the first to earn a
Padma Shree, (amongst the Konkani playwrights ) besides several state awards
and other awards. He rose from humble beginning but his inimitable style
endeared him to audiences wherever he performed.

Acting was inborn and despite being reprimanded while at school Catholic
Education Institute in Margao he continued to pursue his acting mission under
the pseudonym M Taylor and later M Boyer.

His first play was "Rinkari"and he excelled in direction script writing singing
acting etc He leaves behind his wife and five sons. The funeral date and time
is yet to be announced

from the Raia end

+91 98221 58584 (24 HRS)


Tiatr Academy of Goa
Panjim Goa
Date: 30/05/2009


Tiatr Academy of Goa condoles the death of Shri M. Boyer, a renowned Tiatr
Artist of Konkani Stage. In the death of Shri M. Boyer, the Konkani Tiatr Stage has lost one of the greatest Artists who contributed immensely for the development of Tiatr Stage.

Shri M. Boyer who entertained the Tiatr Lovers for almost 50 years was the only
Goan Artist who was honored by the Highest Cultural Body of the Country with the
Sangeet Natok Acakemy Award. The Government of India also recognized the contribution of Shri M. Boyer by bestowing on him the Prestigious Padmashri. The Government of Goa too honored Shri M. Boyer with the Goa State Cultural Award.

He wrote, directed and acted in numerous Tiatrs, but his Tiatr Ekuch Rosto will
go down the history of Goa for creating an atmosphere of communal harmony among
the two major communities of Goa.

Tiatr Academy of Goa conveys its condolences to his wife and children and prays
to the almighty that his soul rests in peace.

Tomazinho Cardozo
Tiatr Academy of Goa

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