Friday, October 9, 2009

When reality bites

When reality bites
4 October 2009, 04:52am IST

"Eksiddentt" was a great example of how a simple subject can be effectively highlighted, commented Premanand Lotlikar, who was a judge at last
year's tiatr contest. Veteran photographer Juvenal Braganza also felt that the topic so vibrantly and creatively handled by Kala Mogi, Candolim, with Tomazinho Cardozo at the helm of affairs, was a relevant one as compared to those written about in other tiatrs.

While many more regulars like Lotlikar and Braganza were well entertained by this drama, the inclusion of professional talent in such competitions definitely brings out some good analytical comparison between performances and productions of amateurs vis-a-vis the stalwart category, thus helping enhance the overall quality at the competition.

The drama opened with a trio by Tomazinho, Joao Cardozo and Eugene Cardozo, closely followed by a solo by Succor de Santa Cruz, who also sang all the background cantos for this play. No sooner did the opening scene begin with the stage showing two households with area lighting, in came the crowd heartthrob, Sheikh Amir, doing what he does best - a drunkard comic act. Giving the tiatr more impact in the very next moment was a funeral scene, before the other side of the stage came alive showcasing a parallel story of a man paralysed due an accident. A play all-in-all about the repercussions of an accident, it reveals the tragic implications on the family and the victim as well.

The road scenes in the play weren't performed with the usual 'rosto' curtain in the background. They didn't need one with the setting on rather flank of the stage depicting streetlights and support from the lights leaving the households still seen in the background, yet in the dark and unnoticed. "These things have been done before in other regional theatres elsewhere. I thought it would be nice to show some thing new in tiatrs as well," commented Tomazinho on his innovations, even while keeping the tiatr standard style untouched.

The songs side had Wilmix-Sharon with duets, Ben with his comedy solos dressed like Jacnito Vaz, Succor de Santa Cruz, his daughter Sonia and Maria Car singing songs that were all composed by Tomazinho, including a noteable one on communal integration. The showstopper came when a member of the audience suddenly ran up on the stage and right into the scene, much to the amusement of the crowd. The scene had Irene Cardozo performing with child artiste Master Karan who did a wonderful job, just as this rather small member of the audience came up into the scene to share space.

The play unfolds like a pack of dominos with the paralysed man (played superbly by Mathais Mascarahas) committing suicide as he finds out that his only caring daughter (Joslyn Misquita) was taking care of his medical expenses by resorting to illegitimate means after finding herself cornered by life's complex situations.

Reportedly penned on the request of the convenor of MARG, Gurunath Kelekar, this show is also to be further staged at Panaji, Margao, Mapusa and Ponda, sponsored by MARG in collaboration with the transport department, for the benefit of better road safety.

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