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Prince Jacob to present 70mm entertainment "ZAIAT ZAGE"

“ZAIAT ZAGE” this November 2009 in DUBAI & KUWAIT

The Showman of Konkani Stage Prince Jacob presents 70mm entertainment in his new super hit tiatr ZAIAT ZAGE. Wake Up for loads of comedy and a blend of solos, duos, duets, trios & plenty more.

Watch out for more details.

In Dubai 12th Nov' 2009 at 9.15 pm
In Kuwait 13th Nov' 2009 at 4.15 pm

Source: ACD


Aplem khaxeleponn samballunk Gõykar aiz matui proyotn korina zalear, faleam on-Gõykar Gõyant yeun raj choloitolo ani amche zomnicher dhoni zaun, Gõykarank videxi kortolo mhonn Prince Jacob 'Zage Zaiat' hea tiatrant spoxtt korta.Sodanche porim koslem na koslem novol machier haddop, ho Prince Jacob-acho sodancho proyotn zala. He-ui khepek ek vegllech torechi tannem dakounn toyar korun, kochreacho proxn, Gõykaranchi zomin ani tanchea khaxelea vevsay-echer zaito uzvadd ghalolo asa. Ekach vaddeant eka-mekak fuddo korun, Hindu-Kristanvanche ghorabe jiyetat. Kaim karonnank lagon dog bhav John (Jacinto) ani Juze (Simon Gonsalves) modem sodanch zhogddim. Dusre vatten, aple potinnik pordesant vavrak dhaddun, Sonia (Alice) aple dhuve sangata Joe (Joe Rose) potinichea khustar jiyeta. Salu (Humbert) ek bospagari Kendr serkari monis. Tachi potinn Maria (Annie) ganvchi 'panch' mhonntoch, tichea odhikara xivay tichea kuttumbant ani ganvant kainch cholona.
Hindu kuttumbantli Saku (Diana) aplea poti Jairam (Ignatius) sangata jiyetana, tancho put Anil (Jr. Reagan) bottir vochpachim sopnam sopneta. Tanchea ghara lagsar Kerollacho 'architect' Subramanyam (Cajie de Curtorim) bhaddean ravta ani aple vevsayent porzollta. Bihar-cho Jay Prakash Yadav 'Bhaiya' (Prince Jacob) tea ganvant yeun pennem korunk chinta. Punn sogllim xezarim aplo virodh dakoitat. Xevttim, panch Maria meza pondchean 'lonch' gheun taka adar korta ani tea kuttumbanchea sorv-bhonvtonnim to aplem ek lhanxem dukon ugoddta.
Tea posreak lagon, xezreank zaito adar zata. Gorjecheo soglleo vostu tankam Yadavachea posrear melltat. Kaim kallan, Yadav aple potinn Rabdi (Anita)-ak Goy haddta ani aplea potichea adaran ani sangata ti bhaji-paleacho dhondo suru korta. Aste-aste ti Konknni bhas-ui ulounk xikta. Xekim, Yadav aplea ghorcheank, soiream-daireank Gõyam haddta. Kochreak lagon, bhonvtonncho vattar mhello zata. Yadavak ganvcho dhanvddaunk xezarim proyotn kortat tednam, tancher vhodd akant yeta. Yadavachem asnnem ganvant kitlem gorjechem tem tankam uprant kollun yeta. Mr Borges (Jacinto) ani ganvchi 'panch' Maria sangata Yadav-ui vichnnuk loddoita. Vinchnnuk loddounk 'panch' koxi Mariak rajinamo diuncho poddta. Te sondecho Rabdi faido kaddta ani apunn 'panch' zata. Xevttim, vichnnuk konn jikhta ani konn harovta? Yadavacheo fuddleo yeuzonneo kosleo? Tem sogllem nimannea pordear bes bore toren dakoilolem asa.
Kantaram vixim, Jr Reagan-an gailolem 'Ixtt,' Alice-Annie-Anita-anchem trio 'Pulis,' Joe Rose-achem 'Mortoch konn nhoi konnacho,' Joe Rose-Bernardachem duet 'Casino' ani Humbert-Jr Reagan-Prince Jacob-anchem 'Padmashree Award' kantaram aikopa sarkim aslim.
V. Ixtt Prince Jacob-ak porbim dita ani Gõykaram modem zagrutay haddtole anik -ui tiatr machier haddunk ulo marta.

P. Agxekar


TIATRO " ZAIAT ZAGE " Written and directed by Prince Jacob

(Review with photos by Daniel F. D'Souza - Vasco, Goa.)

ZAIAT ZAGE - a laugh-a-minute riot on stage

Prince Jacob the Showman of the Konkani stage has done it once again. Known for his penchant for experimenting with progressive and innovative ideas on stage, his latest offering ‘Zaiat Zage’ (Wake Up) is drawing tiatr lovers by the throes to the theatres.

On 8th August two successive shows at the Kala Academy auditorium in the capital city were packed to capacity with people returning back home for want of tickets.‘Zaiat Zage’ as a matter of fact is the talk of town for its sheer style of presentation and the heavy dose of infectious comedy unleashed by the indefatigable comedian Humberto. Humberto makes his intentions very clear from the very fist scene that he is going to unleash unlimited comedy for the next three hours. In fact he boldly shoulders the comedy department single handedly.

Prince Jacob has weaved an interesting tale taking into account the day to day happenings and events that take place in our Goan villages and how it influences the very future of our land and its people. Using wooden props he has cleverly depicted five houses on stage. While four are projected with side elevation, one has a frontal view. The scenario depicts a typical Ward in any Goan village. The gist of the story revolves round these five middle-class families and the way they react to situations on a day to day basis in a typical middleclass fashion.

There is Jacinto and Simon two brothers who cannot see eye to eye and live separately in a house divided. Simon is young and energetic, always obsessed with his body fitness and weights. Then there is Joe (Joe Rose) a funny character wearing ‘cheddis’ with sleeveless banians and lots of gold chains living with his young daughter Sonia who enjoys life at the cost of his wife who is working in the Gulf. No non-sense Maria Dias (Annie Quadros) the dominating village panch and her hand packed husband Salu (Humbert) live next door to Joe. On the other end are a traditional Hindu couple Jairam (Ignatius de Xelvon) and his wife Sakhu ( Diana) and their only son Reagan dreaming of joining the cruise lines. Their tenant Balasubramanian (Cajetan de Curtorim)South Indian who lives in the adjacent house adds further to the commotion. All these neighbours form a motley crowd involved in each others affairs. Jacinto’s son Bernard is secretly in love with Sonia, his father is not so happy with the alliance.

At one point there enters Jaiprakash Yadav (Prince Jacob) a young Bihari who sets a small shop in a typical Bihari style in the neighborhood. At first everyone is opposed to him setting up business in their ward, but the Panch Maria Dias over-rules everyone and allows him to put his shop. Jaiprakash Yadav is a shrewd businessman and one has to watch how he turns around the situation to his benefit taking the Goan community for a virtual ride in due course of time. Something that is close to reality. One fine day when he strikes back, the Goan community is totally handicapped and helpless thereby highlighting to what extent a Goan is dependent on these migrants for our daily needs. When his wife (Anita) joins him from his native Bihar, she first attempts to learn the local language. Joe and Jairam have an eye on her, while Jairam is scared of his nagging wife. Humbert too, who is remote controlled by his wife, tries to make hay while the sun shines.

It is a hilarious situation full of fun. Joe Rose, Jacinto in a double role, Simon Gonsalves, Prince Jacob, Diana and Ignatius de Xelvon in the role of a hindu have done a class act in their respective characters. Annie Quadros who shoulders a major part of the script is at her best as the dominating village panch. The playwright has emphatically touched upon various Goan issues in the script such as, the infiltration of migrants, our over dependence on them for several needs, the garbage issue, their political ambitions and how they influence the political process in Goa, and their nexus with politicians.

For three hours one is virtually transferred to the centre of a Goan village and given a broad vision of how the locales tackle their day to day issues. But, a few scenes do tend to sound chaotic, but then again, it is a village set up and this is how it is. At times there are as many as 12 plus characters in a single scene with each one having something to say.

The onstage presentation is beautiful and the playwright has used just one set throughout to depict the entire story. Appropriate light effects by John bring out the desired finish to the various scenes.

Among the songs, a decent solo by Joe Rose, Jr. Reagan, Cajetan de Curtorim on Pulsar motorbike, two trios one by Prince Jacob-Humberto-Jr. Reagan a tribute for M. Boyer, and another by Annie-Anita-Sonia a scathing attack on the Goa Police on the Mahanand serial killer case are simply the best. A comedy duo by Joe Rose and Bernard however failed to impress. The music by Maestro Domnic de Arambol is pleasing and full of punch. ‘Zait Zage’ is a really entertaining show with plenty of healthy comedy and a strong message to every Goan. It’s a show for the entire family if you are looking out for quality entertainment with a sound message.

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