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Kala Academy 35th Tiatr Competitions (2009)

Talent Galore at ‘Tiatr’ Competition
Wednesday, 16 September 2009 01:42

The 35th ‘tiatr’ competition that begins on September 18 will provide amateurs and non-commercial tiatrists the opportunity to exhibit their talent. Mr Tomazinho Cardozo, president of the All Goa Tiatr Academy, says that the absence of commercial artistes is one of the highlights of the tiatr competition.
The involvement of youngsters and the use of highly sophisticated and technical props are the additional attractions at this competition, which increases people’s interest in the plays staged.

The main objective the competition serves is to encourage new talent and promote tiatrs. Held annually, the tiatr competition sees a lot of first time participants. Alfi de Divar, a tiatr director participating in the competition, is all praise for the way the competition is organised. He only wishes that more time were allotted to set the stage before the performance of the tiatr. Earlier, performers were given a day, but now this time has been reduced to just 2-3 hours, which is not sufficient.
The tiatr competition, which witnesses a lot of competition, is a great boon to young talent at the grassroot level, giving them a stage to perform, and providing them with a platform for receiving critical appreciation. New talent can be discovered here. An audience that is usually always houseful and having within it producers from the professional tiatr fraternity who have their eyes open to scout for new faces. “This competition is an opportunity to get noticed and picked up by professional artistes,” says Mario Fernandes.
Something new always is seen at the tiatr festival. From plots, technique to something as phenomenal as bringing together residents from different villages to work as one team, with culture serving as binding force.
Mario Fernandes, the spokesperson of the Serula Art and Culture Academy, a group that will stage a tiatr at the festival, says that the best part about the group is that its members consists of people from four villages, namely from Succoro, Penha de Franca, Salvador de Mundo and Pomburpa. “We held auditions for various roles and got such a good response. We got writers, comedians, singers and musicians. From the young to the old, all wanted to help. Our long term goal is to invest in local talent.”
“This time we have the award winning director from last year’s festival, Shirish Naik, Derek De Mello, who won the best actor award last year, Christopher Menezes better known as Comedian 64, who won the best comedian award six times, Shania Pereira, who has won the best child singer as a part of our group.”
“We do it as a family,” Mario adds with a lot of satisfaction.
You find tiatrs made at a local level more assorted with each person doing a different thing unlike in professional tiatr that has the constraint of manpower.
“We are trying to use culture to unite villages,” explains Mario. “There is so much enthusiasm around. The people have been so helpful. They have come forward to help with the posters, food, and miscellaneous needs, including a hall for practice.”
“It has been difficult to put the whole group together as we had to start from scratch. Most of them have never taken part in a competition. Aspects right from finalising the director, writer, bandleader, stage set up, lights, sounds, background music, make up artist, group and organiser have to be taken care of,” continues Mario.
“We are ready for criticism. Or else we will always be scared to experiment,” says Mario on the coming together of four villages to stage a tiatr. “The time has come to invest in the young people,” he says with a lot of determination.

Kala Academy, Campal, Panjim Goa
List of programmes between 19 September 2009 and 25 September 2009:

Sept 14-30, 2009:
Darya Sangam
Rivo Event Management Group
Consumer & Interior

Sept 19, 2009:
Tony Dias
Tiatr "Mahanand Naik Munis Vo Saithan"

Sept 19, 2009
All Goa Semi-Classical Dance Competition
5 pm

Sept 20, 2009
M. Menezes
Tiatr "Kaal Aiz Ani Faleam"

Sept 20, 2009
Seby Fernandes
Tiatr"Bhim Toxem Bhat"

Sept 20, 2009
Late evening
Filip Almeida
Tiatr "Soglim Khoxial"

Sept 21, 2009
7 pm
Tiatr Competition "Voiz"
7.00 p.m.

Sept 22, 2009
7 pm
Tiatr Competition "Jivitan Kallokh"

Sept 23, 2009
7 pm
Tiatr Competition "Kalokhi Uzvadd"

Sept 24, 2009
7 pm
Tiatr Competition "Fulantlem Moum"

Sept 25, 2009
7 pm
Tiatr Competition "Teag"

Sept 25, 2009
4 pm
KA-DIM Classroom Production

Source: Santosh Korgaonkar, Asstt. Theatre Manager
Kala Academy, Goa.

35th All Goa Tiatr competition Review - Day 5
Written by J P PEREIRA
Saturday, 26 September 2009 00:21
(The Navhind Times

‘Fulantlem Mou’
The Sao Gonsalo Dramatic Troupe, Cujira, Santa Cruz, presented ‘Fulantlem Mou’, a ‘tiatr’ written by A M Araujo and directed by Sandip Kalangutkar.
The drama recounts the tale of a girl who has had a brain haemorrhage but could not afford proper treatment. She grows up to be a fine young lady but is afflicted by the same sickness. The play then continues with the problems she faces.

Meenakshi Narvekar does a wonderful job as the sick girl. Samir Gadekar acts well as the man who is in love with her and Elvis Sequeira is perfect as the father. Others in the cast are Carmen Barbosa, Sandip Kalangutkar, Filip Azavedo and many others in smaller roles. Madhuri Shetkar and Dnyanesh Parsekar provide the humour. The sets were designed by Olabo Botelho with Naciment Fernandes and the light effects provided by Santosh Shetkar. The background music was given by Ubaldo Botelho.
Agnelo Dias and his band backed the various songs rendered by Micah Fernandes, Lascriya Cardozo, Ave D’Souza, Adolf Fernandes, Elmer Sequeira, Andrew Fernandes, Victor D’Cunha, Filipe Azavedo, Mercidon, Celesto and Nascimento. Elvis Sequeira, Agnelo Lobo and Hashvaine Fernandes performed some good solos while Carmine-Elvis and Micah-Sonali did a couple of nice duets; an impressive trio was performed by Agnelo-Andrew-Victor.


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