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Around the second half of the last century great stalwarts like Minguel Rod,
Aleixinho de Candolim, C. Alvares and others took “Konkani tiatro” to great
heights. This period was termed as the “The Golden Era of the Tiatro.”
Goans were still under the Portuguese rule and would continue to be under
its ‘hukumat’ until December 19, 1961!

The Konkani tiatro has evolved over the years as a powerful medium for mass
communication, and the yesteryear tiatrists ensured that they made the best
use of the medium through which they conveyed their messages to the public.

Among others, the three great pillars of the golden era were KID-YOUNG-ROD
(Kid Boxer, Young Menezes and Minguel Rod); they went on to become the most
popular combination of the period.

Kid Boxer was stationed and worked in Bombay. His songs were so powerful
that they shook the Indian government at the Center. When he sang a song
criticizing the Indian government for Goa’s liberation, he was arrested in
Bombay, imprisoned in Nasik jail, sacked from his job with the Central
Railways and deported to Goa. Immediately after Goa’s liberation, he was
again arrested in Goa for rendering a hard-hitting “zupatti” against the
Indian government for which he was branded as anti-Indian, but that did not
stop him from criticizing the Indian government; instead, he became all the
more powerful. Such was the might of Kid Boxer’s songs! The lyrics of his
songs were mostly based on “opari” (proverbs) for which he was renowned!

Young Menezes will go down in the history of tiatro fraternity as the only
tiatrist who was able to sing songs at jet speed. Just like the fastest
sprinter who runs 100 meters dash race in the least time in seconds, he too,
broke the record by singing the most words per minute! Many tried to copy
him then, including Peter Gomes (ex Salgaonkar goalkeeper) from Calangute,
but nobody could get close to his speed; he was unique. Young Menezes was
always welcomed on the stage with a big applause but once he began to sing a
song there would be silence because if one was to follow what he sang he/she
had to be attentive or else the words would fly off from the top of the
head! His songs, especially political ones, were an exercise for people to
go home and ruminate; sample follows in the song below.

As for Minguel Rod, we all know that he was one of the geniuses of the
Konkani stage. He too, did away a lot of social evil and brought about
changes in the society through his songs. It is a pity that none of our
yesteryear stalwarts’ children followed in their parents’ footsteps
professionally, except Jr. Rod, who began his career as a tiatrist and
continues to date as one of the best professional tiatrists.

In the following song, Jr. Rod presents us the above-mentioned three
characters by singing one each verse and chorus of their original songs:

"KID-YOUNG-ROD" by Jr. Rod

Kid-Young-Rod mhuttlear adim gaztalem nanv
Tanchim kantaram aikonk lok marun ietalo dhanv
Mozo pai sonvsar soddun gelo mhunn bhogtam fugasanv
Aiz tacho ugddas korunk tacho ek vers chorus mhunntam hanv

Bhoinnim zobor mhaka bhogta dukh
Disandis vaddta mhunn dothinche rukh
Itleim tum ibaddit voitai tujem sukh
Punn hantun nam gho tuji koslich chukh

Te dothik lagon tum dukhan navta
Chintun tuzo fuddar ful koxem bavta
Ti doth punzavnk tum sirvisek ravta
Thoddim ankvarponnar maimieo zavnk pavta

Mojea paiche khambe kantaram mhunnpi Kid-Young zoddidar
Te kantarancho dunvor kori soddlelea porim far
Young-hachea fast kantarank xebaski ditalet Goenkar
Atam aikat Young koxem korta poi tem kantar

Mhaka tuka, tuka mhaka soglleank amkam thoddo teomp ravpachem
Devan soglleank amkam ginean dilam bore baxen uzar kelear borem sukh
Varear bonvchea ganzilanchem kam bhavanim fokot eka-teka kunsam lavpachem
Ganvan bore baxen ravot ani bore baxen cholot, ganvan sogllem borem

Neich ghoddun haddlea kannim, ghoiruman bhosla tho vannim, moskar uddki
marun fulam chinvun ros pita chani
Adim Black Line puddo dhanim, atam zalo cheallisanim, hi khobor soglle
zannam Delhik noko asli rannim
This world is very funny tell me why you’re laughing sonny, adim hanv uddean
cheese khatalom, atam chopati with honey
Thoddeach tempan Goyeam fuim bond zavpachi fenni, fenni bond kelear rendrank
pensanv dilear puro tennim
Amerikak tirip martam, vhoddlem rocket magon haddtam, soglleam rendrank
tentun bhortam magir chondriman voir roitam
Tentun kavote kirlavn kaddtam, magir bhattieo chalu kortam, Goyeam soro bond
zait tumkam zavo titlo daddtam

Khorench Young Menezes-ak azunui favo vhodd maan
Tannem fast kantaram mhunnon dakoilem tiatristank
Tosoch Kid Boxer oparinchea kantaranim azun asa tann
Dekun Kiddacheo opari atam aikat sintidan

Mim kevrila ala vota Goela, kai fine zaga mure dhandela
Thonddu dukhachi mannsa bogaila, ar’re xethkari gaborte bhattkarla
Va very good night, bhattkar light, xethkari xeth korun raddtta mhunnche kai
re, atam tras dite vaitt, atam tumich boga saib, dita bolun pian vazta
savkarachi wife

Mi Goela dete vote maddachi, avxila bore mhunntat kazunchi
Bomboila gete vote dobbeachi, punn baiko bolte guttan iete tonddachi
Hadnaim fuk, baiko marte bukh, jasti zali tor ti sangte bhair zavn zop
Ar’re darucha rop, mhunnchem jivitacha fog, mister telling to drink me
komblleacho sop

From Dom’s antique shelf!

Domnic Fernandes
Anjuna/Dhahran, KSA


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