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Links to Konkani Songs & Lyrics

Tis Dinar - Jr. Rod

A real story in kwt.....

Edward Verdes

Goddpeak Poilo Man - Jr. Rod

I m not sure if I sent this song earlier....but this is one song that Jr. Rod sang
and this song is a Zuppati for one means the writer of the song has first respect. Not all tiatrist sing their own composed songs...but they have writers who compose the songs for them...but these writers are never given the credit....

enjoy the song !

PS: check out the new post on the blog. I had this audio but lost it home...this song is from Hortencios album...Khobrank lagon...if anyone has this song pls forward it to me.....need assistance for English translations of the song....

Fashion Street - Jr. Rod

Another hit song of Jr. Rod....Fashion Street is in Mumbai..near Cross Maidan Dhobitalao..(Mumbai-Goa Bus stop)....This street is famous for clothes, and you will find teenagers shopping around for clothes and fashion accessories at very cheap rates. They say its mostly export rejected clothes. Bandra Linking Road and Hill Road (Elco) is also famous for clothes n shoes....Elco is famous for imported and latest fashion clothes.

Edward Verdes

Josefa - Jr. Rod

Jr. Rod is son of late Minguel Rod, and is a good composor of songs...this week I will send some of his old songs...I have compiled a seperate album of Jr. Rod - as best of Jr. Rod, although he has also released his own CD Forever Hits of Jr. Rod.

Like most of the Konkani songs...this song also maybe a real incident happend in Goa...listen to the words carefully.....

Dev Borem Korum

Edward Verdes

Padricho Sermanv - Peter de Arambol??

This song is from the latest n first album of Jr. Francis de Mandrem.."Maim Paiche Xirap"...and the singer is Peter de Arambol...(not very sure).

This is very common with the Tiatrist,...I heard of similar stories about one famous singer from Mumbai...any guess who the tiatrist refered to in this song??

Good song.

Edward Verdes

Dothik Roddta - Minguel Rod

from the Album "Nov Bhurgeachm Pai"

Edward Verdes

Bobor - Minguel Rod

From the album "Nov bhurgeancho Pai" produced by Jr. Rod...
thanks to GR Crasto for sharing this song

Dev Borem Korum
Edward Verdes

Mae Perpet Succor - Lorna

From the album...'Tunch Mozo Adar....of Lorna

Celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour in Mahim..Mumbai
...Happy Feast!

Edward Verdes

Gulfkarank Pavor - M.Boyer

From the audio cassette 'Soro' by Avers.

There was a time (70's, 80's) when girls would prefer marrying mostly boys settled/working in Europe, US, n Gulf...this song was sung during this time..:)

Dev Borem Korum

Palkachim Neketram - Jr. Rod

This song is from Jr. Rods album Palkachim 5 Neketram.

Edward Verdes

Lyrics - PALKACHIM NEKETRAM - by Jr. Rod

Mhojea Pai-n palkar, zatoch vavr kelo
Ghoddun kantaram borim, kantorist zalo.
Hokont boroinar director zavun ghelo, tis ani don idadir taka apoun vhelo
Aum lhan astana mhojo Pai Minguel Rod melo.

Mhojo pai somptokuch, chintlem tiatrist zaunk
Rito zalo zago, Chintlem borun divunk
Kantaram aikun paicheim, urba lagli mhojea angant euunk.
Thoddea tiatrist paichea, vavurleat zaiteoch, maka adhar divunk.

Paichea tiatr dakhoun, nachonk suru kelem
Poiloch palkar eivunk matxem kalliz bhilem
Zaitea tiatrant nheson palkar zoit vhelem
Hem sogglem Devachem podven zalem
Ghoddun kantaram mhunnonk Devan mhaka ghinean dilem.

Ekea art-i vorvim, khorench munis voir sorta
Boreao kornneo korit, mortoch teo Sorgar vorta
Thoddea tiatrists asat, hat ghalun khandar, pottank rag dortat
Aum tankam kainch mhuno nam, Dhonnia bhogos tankam
kiteak tea retir kortat

Boro tiatrist zaunk, sangnnem monon dor
Boro partist zaunk, bhor gheun tum part kor
Mijeas vhoddponn gorv, konxeak marit tor
Hea Lanvikai boron, Ek dis zatolo kantorist, boroinanar

Tujea monant ghoddoi, mhojea kantrachim utram
Soddanch jannot nheson, palkar kor tum kantram
Konknni bhas samballun, dovoria Goa unch tin lettrem
Magtam bhurgea voir sorunk, unchlea panddear urunk
Palkachim Neketram

Ghodpi ani Gaupi: Jr. Rod

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