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On 16th November 2006 in Goa well known Konkani stage artiste, Robin Vaz died at the age of 72. Robin Vaz served Konkani Stage for over 40 years and was expert in Konkani folklore where were aired at AIR. Kala Academy (Goa) awarded him in 2005 the prestigeous Goa State Award.

A tribute to late Robin Vaz


Robin Vaz's Death Anniversary

Lyrics of Konkani song 'Mogachem Tufan'

It is four years today, November 16, 2006 since our beloved Robin Vaz (1932-2002), the giant of the Konkani stage - actor-singer-writer-director - passed away. Robin started his stage career in Bombay at the age of 20. His first tiatro was titled 'Bebdo Put. He served the Konkani stage for around five decades and displayed his prodigious talent in acting and singing throughout. Robin was not only a gigantic figure playing gigantic roles on the stage but he also had a gigantic heart; off stage, he was a disciplinarian.

He was an expert in Goan folklore songs.
Robin Vaz has written and directed as many as 27 tiatros, most popular among them being “Agente Monteiro”; “Opinion Poll of Goa”; “Put Konnancho” and religious tiatros like “Adanv ani Eva”; “Fatima Saibinn”; “Barabas”, etc. Being a freedom fighter, he enacted the main role in plays written by Mussolini Menezes based on the freedom struggle, like “Ravji Ranno”; “Padrichem Bond”; “Martyrs of Cuncolim”, etc. Robin Vaz has acted in five Konkani films. Even today, his folk songs are popular on the All India Radio in Goa and Mumbai. Kala Academy recognized his enormous contribution to the Konkani stage and presented him the prestigious Goa State Cultural Award in the year 2001.

Robin Vaz was liked by all tiatro lovers in Goa but the Anjunkars had a special liking for him, which is why we always brought him to Anjuna. Whenever he acted in a tiatro in Anjuna or Mapusa and since Jessie Cardozo (now Dias) was one of the members of Bombay tiatrists, the whole group visited Jessie’s house in Gaumvaddy and wined and dined in the open area in front of her house. I always admired Robin’s height and physique and kept staring at him. He towered over everyone; he looked like Goliath; he ate and drank like a giant!

I loved his unique Konkani accent; it sounded good and jibed with his base voice and personality.

Here are beautiful lyrics of one of Robin Vaz’s oldest love songs, which happen to be one of my favorites:

“MOGACHEM TUFAN” by the late Robin Vaz
Chondrim liptalo kupan
Halonaslem zaddachem pan
Kallzan zatalem mogachem tufan
Tea vellar tuka getlelem gopan

Neketram dipkaitalim movbar
Sumarachea, bara horar
Hath dorun eka-mekachea kallzar
Jurar zalelim sobemazar

Sodanch sanjechem tum mevo
Mevtukuch tum gopant khevo
Mhunno mhaka uzvaddacho divo
Sodanch kallzant urtolo jivo

Ontrollar mog kortat suknnim
Eka-mekak, ghalun fivnnim
Teach porim mog kelolo dogainim
Atam visorlem tum mogachi kannim

Tonddar sango lae-poe
Hem sogllem visorlem bae
Atam poitokuch gunvddaitai doe
Innocent kallzak ghatle gae

Sodanch mhaka mhunno darling Viky
Atam sanddun, gelem Ricky
Ekdom tuvem kelai mhaka duki
Devan tuka dovrum suki

(From Dom's antique shelf!)


Domnic Fernandes
Anjuna/Dhahran, KSA

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