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BY DANIEL F. DE SOUZA THE LENT season is the time most professional tiatr groups take a break from staging regular shows. The 40-day Lenten period is spent preparing the grounds for the launch of their new shows on Easter day. Devotional tiatrs — or tiatrs with a religious theme — are generally staged during this period. This is one reason most of the big directors have wound up their shows for a brief spell of time.

Recently I had the opportunity to see Star of Curtorim’s much spoken about Maim Dukhi Sasumai Sukhi. The show has a multi star cast and is attracting a steady audience at theatres. The plot appears to have been picked from any average Goan household and revolves around the family. It is a story of an ungrateful son (Anil Pednekar) who, after getting married, listens to his wife, ill treats his old parents and finally takes shelter with the in-laws. He is totally under the spell of his wife (Annie Quadros) and mother-in-law (Antonette de Calangute) and can see nothing beyond their scheming. While his mother longs to see her grandchild and share her love, it is the daughter-in-law who does not allow this and conveniently keeps the little child away from her. Adding to all this discord in the family is another heartless sister who plays a selfish and destructive role to divide the family.

But then one fine day, as it normally happens, sense begins to dawn and the son finds himself in an embarrassing position, regretting his hurtful behaviour towards his own blood. He returns home to his parents. But is there someone to welcome him back? Watch the show for answers!


ONE thing good about this show is, it has maintained the traditional style of tiatr and one is reminded of the good old days of tiatrs in the seventies and eighties. Every scene has something to say and takes the viewer back in time, especially the well-timed and well-composed ‘kantos’ so beautifully rendered by versatile Jessie Dias in her inimitable tragic style. It is this that makes a big difference to the overall presentation of the play. One can literally hear a satisfied audience giving positive comments on the play as they walk out of the auditorium.

The presence of just one main comedy artist, ‘Comedy Supremo’ Humbert, is yet another aspect that needs to be highlighted. This is how traditional tiatrs balanced their act in olden times. Humbert is the mainstay of the play as far as the comedy is concerned and does full justice to the role, taking the audience on a satisfying laughter trip. He is natural and creative. His escapades are well supplemented by Diana who is cast in a different role. Together, they bring the house down with laughter.

Annie Quadros, Antonette de Calangute, Dolla, Jessie Dias, Olga, Bernard, Anil, Bonny — all who shoulder the main roles in the play — have given a great account of themselves in their respective roles, taking the play to a good finish. One does not always come across top and leading ladies of the Konkani stage coming together in one tiatr, playing roles opposite each other.

The songs in the play, which cover a wide and interesting range of subjects, are worth listening to. Xavier Gomes, Connie M, Wilmix, Sharon, Sucorro de St. Cruz, Lawry Travasso, Bushka, Antonette de Calangute, Annie Quadros, Olga, regale the audience with their songs.

Maestro Domnic de Arambol, who is a regular musician for Prince Jacob, has scored the music with John handling the lights very effectively. The show has a touching as well as educative storyline, a plot that many will identify with. I understand it will have a regular run this Lenten season in the major towns and villages too. No harm in giving it a dekho.


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