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Jan 10th, 2009 | Category: Tiatr

NOW THAT the Tiatr Academy has been constituted, much has to be done and achieved and Tomazinho Cardozo, has a well-defined task ahead on him. With a firm commitment, vast experience coupled with sound knowledge of the subject, I have no doubt he will shoulder the responsibility well, with ‘unstinted’ support and co-operation of the other members on the panel. Cardozo’s progressive ideas will take the professional Konkani stage towards a better future from now on.

While the general aims, objectives and scope of this Academy are still not very clear, its important that it provides maximum benefit to the Konkani stage, its artistes and its overall progress and growth with professionalism. Therefore the first step Cardozo will have to take is to bring the two factions of the artistes together in unity. Presently, there are cracks within the tiatrist fraternity which is a major stumbling block in the path of progress among the Konkani stage artistes. If this obstacle is removed then half the battle would be won Cardozo’s tenure could be hassle free.

The establishment of the Academy, tiatr being a unique performing art, this art form will receive a major boost and tiatr will attain its full potential and will be taken to great heights with the concerted efforts of like-minded and focused persons. It is not only the responsibility of the president and the members on the panel, but a collective responsibility of all professional tiatrists to work for the success of the Academy, to fine tune Goan tiatr and making it more enjoyable for the masses - especially the youth - who are not really inclined towards Konkani theatre as much as they are drawn to the Bollywood/Hollywood films and English theatre. I know this not a simple task. But a beginning has to be made and Cardozo and his enlightened team will have to seriously consider several aspects of the tiatr such as script writing, direction, production, stage settings, lighting, music, other technical aspects such as the use of modern technology for better presentation, etc., in order to raise the standard of tiatrs to a higher level. More professionals in various departments of the art have to enter the domain in order to improve the overall image of present day tiatr.


PLAYWRIGHTS who are successful in their ventures and have staged 50-plus performances of their shows should be encouraged and made liable to publish the tiatr script in book form for the benefit of youngsters who wish to follow in their footsteps. There is a general complaint from several playwrights that nowadays tiatrs are no longer profitable in terms of financial returns considering the expenditure involved. Apart from a few established playwrights, many have to walk the tight rope to survive. Giving them the benefit of doubt, the Academy should genuinely study these grievances and provide solutions to artistes’ grievances. One immediate step could be in enhancing the entrance ticket presently priced at Rs.60 which in this inflationary times appears to be on the lower side.

The tiatr fraternity has been - for a long time now - demanding that the Government should accord it industry status, and the new Academy will do well to study this demand in depth and if found genuine, prepare a feasibility report and submit it to the Government for necessary action. After all tiatr is so typical of our culture having an ardent fan following not only in Goa but wherever Goans have settled to earn their bread and butter. More power to Konkani tiatr in the future!


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