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Roseferns’ duality

13,Aug 2008

Roseferns’ duality

- Peter Falcao, Taligao

I am a Konkani lover and regularly watch each and every Tiatr held in Panaji at Kala Academy. Through this letter I wish to draw the attention of the Goans to the message conveyed by Roseferns’ Tiatrs. He has been writing and directing the Tiatrs based on the Identity of the Goans. ‘Goaenkara Tu Ragar Zai Naka’ is his latest work. In this Tiatr he awakens the Goans about the sale of drugs and the issue of Mega Housing Projects. He appeals to the masses to oppose the Mega Housing Projects as it will, create water, electricity and garbage problems.
As is the present scenario most of these housing projects will be occupied by Non-Goans and the day is not far when these outsiders will contest elections and rule our beautiful State. However I was really surprised to see the tickets bearing the advertisements of the same mega projects which Roseferns opposed in the Tiatr. It smells of double speak from this writer cum director. This clearly shows that he is not interested in protecting the identity of Goans, but is busy making money at the cost of the sentiments of the people of this State. By this act Roseferns has set a bad example for the upcoming tiatrists. This will certainly bring a bad name for the Konkani Stage for which he has to appologise. Roseferns’ please practice what you preach.


Confused writer
Bertha Dias, Margao
This has reference to Peter Falcao’s letter “Roseferns’ duality” (Herald, August 13). I am a Tiatr lover and also watch Roseferns’ tiatrs. I feel that Peter’s statement is unjustified because I want to clarify that Queeny Realty Pvt. Ltd. are not into Mega Housing Projects. However, I do agree that they are into Housing Projects.
Hence before making a statement like this Peter should have done his homework and found out the definition of Mega Housing Projects or he should have found out whether Queeny Realty are into Mega Housing Projects.
It reflects that this writer is either confused about the definition Mega Housing Projects or is not aware of what business Queeny Realty is into. This clearly indicates that Peter only wants to tarnish the image of Goa’s best tiatrist, or trying to settle his personal score with Queeny Realty.
As far as making money at the cost of sentiments is concerned; artistes, story tellers etc. make use of emotion to entertain people. I am sure Peter definitely does not expect every artist in the world, who is different in real life as compared to what he is in reel life, to apologize to him.
Roseferns and other Tiatrists such as these, do a great job in educating the masses in the best way they can. Another comparison is the destruction people like Peter cause to the people around by creating resentment. Roseferns’, continue to spread the fragrance through your Tiatrs the way you always have. Because for every rose there will be thorns like Peter Falcao, to make the rose tough to hold. Yet you’ll always be the favorite flower throughout the world.

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