Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In the socio-political koblem .... - By Miguel Braganza

In the socio-political koblem ....

by Miguel Braganza


They say that Goans have a "CRAB MENTALITY". It seems to work in more ways than one.

Crabs are caught in an OPEN KOBLEM. At the middle of the Koblem they tie some "Bhannem" or the rubbery offal of some ruminating animal like bull, goat or sheep. the offal is worthless as food for the crab, still it keeps chewing and biting the offal. The Manxekar lifts the koblem at leisure. Lo and behold! The crabs are still busy chewing the offal. The Manxekar either sells the crabs or makes some Xec-xec for dinner and washes it down with some fiery feni.

The politicians and other vested interests have been doing the same since the Opinion Poll in 1966-67, post-Opinion Poll elections in March, 1967, Konkani Porjecho Avaz 1986-87, Tourism Master Plan, Medium of Instruction 1992-93, Anti-Nylon 6.6, SEZ, Konkan Railway Realignment, Meta Strips, Regional Plan 2011 [in 2004 and 2006, one BJP the other Congress], raid on the Panaji Police Station, Art College rape, Miramar Sex Scandal, Scarlet Keeling, German Girl, German Mother, Lucky Farmhouse, Atalla, Dudu, Nadia .......

The dead crabs include Dr. Jack Sequeira, Erasmo Sequeira, G.Y. Bhandare, Floriano Vaz, Nilesh Naik, Satish Rivonkar, Martino Fernandes and countless others ... all inextricably caught in an open net. There are others still in the koblem. Like bacteria in the St. Inez creek aka nalla they are TNTC ...Too Numerous To Count ...and one cannot logically reach a MPN ... Most Probable Number. There are all types of ex-MLAs, ex-ZPs, ex-Sarpanchas and plenty of "current" folks and wannabe leaders.

Ask veterans like Shashikala Kakodkar, Nirmala Sawant, Tomazinho Cardoz, Somnath Zuarkar, Ravi Naik, Dr. Wilfred de Souza, Manohar Parrikar, Matanhy Saldanha, Dr. Wilfred Misquita, a host of tiatrists, social activists [I will not name those in the last two groups as they are very sensitive to criticism ... like crabs with thin shells due to calcium deficient waters or genetic make up] and others how it feels to be hauled up in the socio-political koblem ....and released because there is no meat in them on a full moon night ...... till they are unfortunate to be caught "on a dark and stormy night" as Remo Fernandes once wrote about Cecil Pinto. It just temporarily boosts the circulation of newspapers and tabloids and TRP of the visual media. That's all. Does anyone know or care to find out who killed a policeman in the anti-Meta Strips agitation? does anyone know or care how many persons are fighting their lonely legal battles in courts for rioting in which they were not even involved during the Meta Strips agitation. does anyone know the persons alleged to be involved in the "Unnatural death" death of Scarlet Keeling? Does anyone know what happened to the Police-women who were injured in the 19 February, 2008, raid on the Panaji Police Station? Where is the S.P. Neeraj Thakur, Dy S.P. Naik and P.I. Naik who exposed the hapless IRB women without even a condom for protection ...leave alone riot gear and protective jackets ... while they hid inside the Police Station during the raid by "unknown persons" who infiltrated the ranks of the affected persons led by some very well known persons. The answers are very educative.

Nadia's [May the good Lord give rest to her soul] photos are not half as arousing as Scarlet's. What's worse, they are in Black & White. She is 'local' or 'desi' girl ...not a firang or English spirit or even with a firang mother or boyfriend .... so the interest will die as soon as the monsoon rains change our focus to overflowing drains, flooded roads ....and "getting wet on the outside". At that point of time, even a hot cup of tea will be more interesting than the Nadia story. By the time the Goa Assembly starts its monsoon session, half of Goa will have trouble even recalling Nadia's name. C'est la vie, n'est pas?

The Portuguese said it right:
Asim sao coisas do Mundo, quem nao sabe nadar bato os cul...os o fundo!

One swims with the tide or bangs on the riverbed!

Forget all that jazz and come back to what matters: Participatory Planning Process, District Planning Committees, powers to Panchayats as per the Constitution by which every minister is sworn in to office, stop hill cutting and land filling under Section 17-A of the Goa TCP Act, 1974 [as amended in 1997], withdraw amendments to Section 16 and 16A [inserted in 2008 for bypass to PPP... ani mor .... projects] ....and find out where the pipeline from the Tillari Irrigation Project [TIP of the iceberg?] is headed from Green Park hotel onwards ... towards the beach front.

Someone asked the question if our Minister for Education is educated enough to be the Minister. I asked him what was the educational qualification of the man who set up Goa's first degree college ever? This pseudo educationist did not even know that the Dhempe College was established by the Goa Education Society headed by Dayanand Bandodkar, our first Chilef Minister. One does not have to be smart to ask questions. Kids ask the darnedest questions! Adults have to look for the answers.

We are not "bleddy Goans" .... for crabs have no blood.

Mog asundi




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