Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tiatr is similar to the ‘Marathi Tamasha’

Tiatr is a folk drama form native to Goa. Songs, based on the current critical issues, are played during the interludes. These songs often criticize the hostile policies of the government.
It strives to create social awareness among the people. The themes are based on the current social issues like drug abuse, alcoholism, materialistic nature of the rich, neglect of old people and other similar problems. The dialogues are coarse to some extent, but the drama is deemed fit for family viewing.

The performers belong to all sections of the Christian community. Tiatr, though mainly performed in a commercial sense, is also held to commemorate the churches and chapel feasts.

Though Tiatr has a long tradition, it has never received any royal patronage. It has solely survived on popular support of the people. It is performed in the Konkani language. Tiatr is greatly acknowledged for maintaining the integrity of the language during difficult times like the Portuguese rule of Goa, when Konkani was greatly suppressed. Tiatr is similar to the ‘Marathi Tamasha,’ the folk drama form of Maharashtra.

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