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Tiatr "Ixob" - a punch at Goans' hypocritical attitude

TIATR "IXOB" - A punch at Goans' hypocritical attitude

TNN 10 October 2009

Promising to be a play worth watching, given that these guys had won a place at last
year's tiatr competition, there was as much expectation and excitement in the air as there were people to witness the last show of the 35th Tiatr Competition at the Kala Academy. 'Ixob', calculation or how one perceives one's life, was another thought-provoking tiatr with much to get entertained about as well.

With the talented Augie D'Mello at the helm of affairs, with assistance from veteran
playwright-cum-director Anil Kumar, this all-amateur cast had very little to worry

Tiatr regulars often point out that competition plays at times put commercial tiatrs
to shame with their better command over technicalities. Put up by the Britona
Dramatic Academy, hailing from the Penha de Franca village, 'Ixob' lived up to this,
with its take on a rather hot topic in Goa-migration.

Though a phenomenon since time immemorial, the play made one realize that Goans have
not as yet come to terms with migration. Well handled by playwright D'Mello, it
emphasized the ever-present paradox-frustration among locals at the growing influx
of non-Goans, even as they (Goans) continue to plan and dream about migrating
abroad. It brought out the hypocritical attitude of Goans.

Given that everyone has a choice and the right to decide where to migrate and live,
the plot revolves around the aspirations of a particular family.

The ironic part, well brought out by the play, is that although these guys have
everything going good for them, they are somehow obsessed with the lifestyle of a
foreign country. Interplayed with comic scenes, things go awry when in a parallel
story a man who has experienced the reality of living abroad, opts to return home,
to Goa.

"It was different in the olden days when there were less facilities in Goa and Goans
therefore worked on ships, or went abroad, or even to Mumbai for better job
prospects. Things have totally changed today and we can help develop our own state
by living here. Facilities exist here as well. Why always blame the government or
migrants for us Goans opting to migrate and live lifestyles like those abroad?" Anil
Kumar described the concept behind the play.

The songs and comedy performed by Swapnil Naik, who plays a gay in the tiatr, had
plenty for the audience to be amused about. Among the songs that stood out were
quartets sung by the Camillo and D'Silva sisters, with a tribute to the late H
Briton also thrown in. Joanna Braganza excelled in her role as the mother, while
Tushar Mandrekar has the makings of a great artiste.

The sets were created by Kamlakant Chari, lights handled by Dhananjay Chopdekar and
the band was Agnelo Dias and his jolly boys.

As for the entire competition, apart from the management's goof-ups, it saw some
real warm-hearted support from professionals, production people, and the bands who
kept bring the amateurs back on track whenever they lost a beat. The audience was
ever-supportive and polite, making it a point to clap after every act. In all, a
great event.

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