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33rd Kala Academy's Tiatr Competition in Goa

33rd Kala Academy's Tiatr Competition in Goa
Mali bags tops slot in 33rd tiatr competition at KA

The results of 33rd tiatr competition organized by Kala Academy have been declared and accordingly Mali staged by St. Michael Taleigao Socio-Cultural Association, Taleigao, bagged the first prize for the best performance. The competition was held between September 21., to October 10 at the Dinanath Mangeshkar Kala Mandir, Panjim with the participation of 12 tiatr groups. The competition was judged by Anthony Vaz, Teotonio D’Costa and Prof. Jose Salvador Fernandes, who gave their detailed results after evaluating the performances staged in the competition.
As per the detailed result, Odruxtti Jivit staged by Kala Mogi, Candolim has been selected for second prize, whereas Dolleam Add staged by Dramatic Troupe of Ribandar, Ribandar was adjudged for third prize. The consolation prize for performance was awarded to Chuddet’ staged by Britona Dramatic Academy, Penha -De -France.
The first prize for direction has been awarded to Premanand Polle for Mali, whereas the second prize has been given to Diogo Fernandes for Dolleam Add.The third prize for direction has gone to Avinash Chari for Fantodd.
The first prize for acting (male) has been given to Pradeep Naik (Romeo) - Dolleam Add..., and Custodio Cabral (Jaki-Pai) - Mali has been selected for the second prize. The first prize for acting (female) has been awarded to Gloria D’Souza (Bostian - Mai) - Mali and the second prize has been given to Irene Cardozo (Carmelin) - Odruxtti Jivit. The merit certificates for acting (male) have been awarded to Anthony Carvalho (Castelino) - Odruxtti Jivit, Shirish Naik (Clive) -Chuddet, Francisco Xavier Gonsalves (Lewis) - Air Hostess, Reginaldo Nazareth (Minglu) and Max Cabral (Max)- Xevott Aschona. Merit certificates for acting (female) have been awarded to Rosalia Rodrigues (Milly) - Dolleam Add. and Edwina Pires (Misha) -Utor.
Mathias Mascarenhas (Baltu) - Odruxtti Jivit has been adjudged as best comedian and the merit certificates for comedian has been given to Christopher Menezes (Jupeter) -Pattimbo, Sheikh Amir (Zemric) -Xevott Aschona and Joslyn Misquita (Istimosao) - Odruxtti Jivit. The prize for best child artist (male) has not been awarded. The prize for best child artist (female) has been bagged by Gemma Fernandes (Velly) - Chuddet.
The prizes for technical aspects -Setting -Shyam Kalangutkar (Mali), Light effects -Vikas Chopdekar (Mali), Music band - Agnelo Dias (Visronk Nam), Make-up -Sadanand Gawde (Dolleam Add...), costumes -Sonia Rodrigues (Chuddet), background music -Kedar Joshi (Dolleam Add.) have been awarded to respective artists.
Divino Almeida (Saoimbacho Samball) - Xevott Aschona and Nazario Pinto (Melea Uprant) -Fantodd, have been selected for first and second prize respectively for singing (male solo). The merit certificates in this category have been given to George Gonsalves (Munxeachi Kala) and Jose Gonsalves (tiatrist) -Pattimbo, Marciano Noronha (Visronk Nam)- Visronk Nam, Joao Camilo (Cancer)-Khonuch Noko and Agnelo Vaz (Koxtt Kor) - Xevott Aschona.
Livia D’Silva (Goa) -Mali and Evelize Fernandes (Bhurgeponn) - Mali have been selected for first and second prize respectively for singing (female solo). Hubert Clement (Devacho padri) -Fantodd has been adjudged as the best child singer (male) whereas the merit certificates in this category have been awarded to Aldair Figuiredo (Duddvank Lagon) - Zoglavnnem and Ciano King Fernandes (Altar boy) - Pattimbo. Claniffa Almeida (Burgim Girestkai) -Utor has been selected as the best child singer (female solo) whereas Benzilla Lobo (Kaide) -Dolleam Add has been awarded merit certificate in the same category.
Dorothy Viegas and Ezilda Fernandes (P.E. Jose Vaz) -Mali, have been selected for best duet/duo prize and the merit certificates in this category have been awarded to Shirlie and Lenzie Camilo (Axea) -Chuddet, Francis Cardozo and Magdeline Fernandes (Nirmon) -Dolleam Add, Ivy Pereira and Suzeta Pereira (Kaido), Francis Pinto and Nazario Pinto (Soro) -Fantodd.
Colisha D’Silva, Clancy D’Silva and Andrea D’Silva (Fudlea Pindkek) - Chuddet have been awarded prize for best trio whereas, Lenzie Camilo, Michelle Camilo, Tresila Camilo and Shirlie Camilo (Chorio) - Chuddet have been adjudged for best quartet singing prize.
Joe Luis D’Souza (Fudlea Pindkek Samball) - Chuddet has bagged the prize for best lyrics whereas the merit certificate in this category has been given to Sebastiao Salvador Fernandes (Konknni Bhas) - Khonuch Noko.
The first prize for script writing has been awarded to Pedro Vaz for the script of Mali whereas, the second prize has been bagged by Diogo Fernandes for Dolleam Add. Kala Academy has congratulated all the prize winning institutions and also the artistes.

Related news clippings on Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter:

Pedro Vaz' tiatr "MALI" wins first prize at
Kala Academy Tiatr Competition 2007

"Mali" written by Pedro Vaz and presented by St. Micheal Socio Cultural Association, Taleigao won the first prize at the Kala Academy’s 33rd Konkani Tiatr Competition 2007. "Odruxtti Jivit" written by Joao Cardozo and presented by Kala Mogi, Candolim bagged the second prize, while "Dollem Add...." written by Diogo Fernandes and staged by Dramatic Troupe of Ribandar was awarded the third prize.

The much patronized Kala Academy annual tiatr competition commenced on September 21 and concluded on October 10, 2007 (yesterday). The tiatr loving audience have a good time throughout the 3-weeks of the competition, where talented script writers, directors, stage set decorators, musicians and actors get a chance to display their talents, and gain recognition and fame.

In all, 12 Goan tiatr groups participated in this competition and included Sao Minguel Club, Dona Paula, Corjuem Dramatic Troupe-Corjuem, Kala Bharati Goa-Mormugao, Machi Mogi-St. Cruz, Britona Dramatic Academy-Penha de France, Alfi Art Production-Divar, United Dramatic Association-Carambolim, Tornateacho Ekvott-Margao, and Merces Club-Merces.

Other tiatrs staged during the competition were:
"Xevott Aschona" written by Eusico Fernandes.
"Visronk Nam" written by Anthony Gomes.
"Utor" written by Rumaldo Estrocio.
"Air Hostess" written by Menino Mario Araujo.
"Chuddet" written by Vinod Kumbharjuvekar
"Patimbo" written by Alfred Fernandes.
"Khonuch Noko" written by Sebastiao S. Fernandes.
"Fantodd" written by Agnelo Fernandes; and
"Zoglavnnem" written by Mark de Araujo.

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Gaspar Almeida
( Team - Goa/Kuwait)
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