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The local music industry is in great demand. both locally and internationally, thanks to the Goans spread out all over the world who regularly medicate themselves with lavish doses of Goan Konkani music. Whenever the pangs of homesickness get unbearable 'mandos', 'kantarans', 'dulpods', and other Konkanj songs are prescribed.

Agnelo Dias better known by his stage name Aggy has added to their collection. Out with his second album 'Goan Festive Nostalgia', his album sings a different tune. In Aggy's words, "It's an album that brings musicians into the limelight." A little elucidation will bring to light his novel exercise. Aggy is a musician who plays not only the guitar and keyboards but also the clarinet, drums, flute, saxophone and oboe. In his latest video album he has abundant use of wind instruments.

Goans were always known to add their charm to occasions by playing their brass instrument. However, the number of these 'jolly boys' are on the decline. The result is that we are losing out on the beautiful sounds of these instruments. Besides using brass instruments this musician, who has also played in the Goa Symphony Orchestra, says that another highlight of his album is the concept of sing-a-long 'mandos' and 'dulpods'.

These traditional Goan songs, presented in a contemporary instrumental style, invite you to sing along to the words that are printed beneath. So from 'Sorgar Uzvadd Noketrancho', 'Doriachen Lharari' to 'Ugdass Tela Mhaka', you can involve yourself with the song - a great way to herald a Konakani karaoke revolution. "It is a nice way to learn these songs or teach it to children," he says.

Aggy has included three of his own compositions, one that he composed way back in 1986. All three showcase the Goan spirit, especially when experienced as a community. The composition 'Jua' is his tribute to his native land of St Estevam. The old houses, landmarks and natural beauty all find a place in this song.

The songs have been shot at various locales across Goa. Aggy admits that marketing and advertising add to the expenditure but nothing could be graver than the problem of piracy.

Criss-crossing between Kuwait, where he works, and Goa, his home, Aggy says he plans to continue coming up with more albums. An upcoming assignment is one comprising of instrumental Gospel songs. One wonders why the penchant for instrumental music. Aggy does not take much time to answer the question. "I can express myself best through instrumental music," he says. Guess that's what they mean when they say "let the music do the talking".

[This article has been first published in The Navhind Times (Wednesday, 09-09-2009, written by Clara A. Rodrigues/NT Network and pictures by Krishna Divkar)

Aggy Dias can be contacted by email:
Tel.: +965 66574781

[Info source: Mario Rebello for e-newsletter].

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