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ROMI LIPI ACTION FRONT condoles death of “H.Britton“

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Ref : RLAF / H.B /Press Date :27.09.2009


ROMI LIPI ACTION FRONT condoles death of “H.Britton“

The Romi Lipi Action Front, is saddened by the sudden death of Shri. H.Britton, a talented Konkani Tiatrist, hailing from Brittona, Bardez, Goa.
Shri H.Britton, started his professional singing career, in Mumbai, somewhere around 1960, and shot into fame around 1970.
Shri H, Britton had a unique style of singing and a very pleasant voice. His thousands of fans liked to see him dress as a girl and sing songs portraying a modern girl. This H.Britton did to perfection.
Whenever, H.Britton sang more than one song in a tiatr, one of the songs would inevitably be H. Britton dressed as a girl.
The song was bound to have an “encore” from the audiences.
The lyrics of his compositions and the way H. Britton carried himself, always titillated the audiences.
Among the many songs composed and sung by H,Britton, some have become immortal.
Among the immortalized ones are, Bandra Festak, Marialena, Kazarachya Mattvan. Etc.
H.Britton also wrote, directed and produced several Konkani Tiatros which ran to packed-houses, wherever staged.
As a Tiatrist, H.Britton traveled to many parts of the world, including U.K and the Middle East.
Shri. H. Britton’s entire family is into Konkani Tiatrs.
They may not be into it professionally, but as Tiatrists, yes they are.
H. Britton wrote and read Konkani only in the Roman Script and he always believed that the real future of Konkani lies, in it being promoted in the Roman Script.
In the sudden death of Shri H.Britton, the “Romi Lipi Action Front” has lost a friend, an active supporter.
We pray for his soul and may God grant sufficient courage to his family to bear the loss.

Wilmix Wilson Mazarello


Some songs of H.Britton (courtesy:
Eddie Verdes):
Sa Re Ga Ma Pa


H Britton laid to rest

The mortal remains of Hermegildo Camilo, popularly known as H Britton, was laid to rest at Britona Cemetery on Sunday.
Hundreds of people thronged Britton’s residence to pay their last respect to the departed soul, who passed away on Thursday after a brief illness.
Among politicians who paid last respect to H Britton were Aldona MLA Dayanand Narvekar and Goa State Planning Board Vice Chairman Dr Wilfred D’Souza.
Besides, several tiatr personalities came in large number to pay a tearful farewell to H Britton. Prominent among them were Tiatr Academy President Tomazinho Cardozo, Prince Jacob, Cyriaco Dias, Sabina Alvares, Adv Mike Mehta, Anil Kumar, Bond Braganza, Jessy, Diana, Sabina Alvares, Mario Menezes, Osvi Viegas, Patrick Dourado, Xavier Paclo, Xavier Mascarenhas, C D’Silva, Bab Andrew, Boneventur D’Petro, Maestro Agnel and Anceto Lawrenco.
Speaking to Herald, Tomazinho Cardozo said that he knew H Britton for the last 40 years. “H Britton was a great artiste who had won hearts of the masses. He used to play female roles to perfection. His contribution to tiatr will be remembered by the tiatrists forever,” said Cardozo.
Prince Jacob stated that the State has lost one of the talented artistes. “He was a good singer, who mesmerized the audience by his voice. He made a significant contribution to the development of Konkani tiatr,” said Jacob.
Cyriaco Dias said that H Britton was a good lyricist, singer and a good director too. “He had acted with me in 1960-61 and women used to admire H Britton very much for the female roles he used to portray on the stage. He was a good humorist,” added Dias.
Adv Mike Mehta described H Britton as a “pillar of Tiatr industry”. “He used the select subjects for his songs, which were of great interest to the general public. Hence his songs became very popular,” said Adv Mehta.
“In his death, tiatr lovers have lost a great stage artiste and the void that has been created cannot be filled,” said Adv Mehta.
Final Adieu - Musical Tribute to H BRITTON
(courtesy: JoeGoaUk)

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