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It was expressively germane that Kuwait Goa Tiatristanchi Sonstha(KGTS), presented their mega musical event on Friday, September 18, 2009, titled “Tiatristponn Devachem Dennem”, as a tribute to the doyen of the Konkani stage, the late Padmashree, M.Boyer.

The newly crowned, Global Konkani Best Male Singer, Lawry Travasso, captivated the hearts of the tiatr ‘mogis’ with his two sensational solos and two duets, one with Ms.Gracy Moraes and the other with Ms.Querobina Carvalho and also a quartet, with Peter-Roshan and comedian Selvy.

Peter-Roshan also delighted with their two excellent duets, one on the ‘rights of gays’ and the second, a spoof on “Goenche Montris” for which the duo was profusely applauded and repetitively called on the stage. The comedy interludes by visiting artistes, Agostinho and Selvy were well propped up by Kuwait’s artistes namely, Querobina, Nelson and, Caji de Benaulim.

Further, a duet by hitman Sylvester Vaz and Irene Vaz had a very reflective significance and, even Sylvester’s only other solo added sparkle to the musical evening.

Other solo renditions by Albert Cabral, Anthony Carr, Micky, Milagres, Kathy de Navelim, Ms.Roshan (Goenkar Nouro), Querobina Carvalho, Selvy, Michael D’Silva were well acclaimed, as evidenced, by the audience response.

Thespian Mario de Majorda, along with Cajetan de Sanvordem and Michael D’Silva rendered two beautiful trios, most remarkable being the one, that highlighted, the latent imperviousness, analogically, of Kuwait’s evergreen Dinar, to some western currencies, as boasted by a new breed of dissolute seamen.

The thematic significance of ‘Tiatristponn Devachem Dennem” was well reflected in the opening scene with Ms.Clara, Ms.Irene, Ms.Gracy, Ms.Querobina, Cajetan, Sylvester, Nelson, Michael, Laurie M. Shahu, Menino, Katty, Joseph, Caji, Jose Anthony, Martin, Manuel, Mario and Francis de Verna and, ending the musical show, with impeccable extrapolation of the theme by the concerned artistes, Ms.Gracy, Ms.Clara, Manuel, Cajetan, Mario, and Joseph.

And, hats off to, Katty, Joseph and Braz for their heart rending trio in fond tribute to the late, Padamashree, M.Boyer.

Earlier, KGTS organized on the stage, the traditional ceremony of lighting the lamp at the hands of a few honored guests, in memory of the legendary, Padamashree, the late M.Boyer.

Ramos Aguiar, son of the late M.Boyer who graced the occasion as a special guest, was presented with a distinctive memorabilia. KGTS were also gracious to honor Michael D’Silva who has been the shinning star of Konkani stage in Kuwait, for over a decade.

Maestro Shahu from Kuwait and, the ace trumpeter Anthony de Velim from Goa, provided scintillating musical score.

A colorful Souvenir was released to mark the mega musical presentation.


Report by Sunny Nazareth
As published in Kuwait Times / 28 September 2009

Photos by: Rewon Gomes


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