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'Kal Aiz ani Faleam' - Goan Tiatr in Dubai

'Kal Aiz ani Faleam' - Goan Tiatr in Dubai On Oct 22, 2009

Konkani Drama (Tiatr) lovers will get a chance to enjoy top class entertainment when Mario Menezes stages his play "KAL AIZ ANI FALEAM" (YESTERDAY TODAY AND TOMORROW) at Al Nasr Leisureland, Pool Side on Thursday, 22nd October, 2009 at 8.30pm.

The Konkani community can look forward to exquisite entertainment through this Tiatr. It is season's hit drama running houseful and has recently celebrated 25 shows only in Margao city, besides the show is repeated four to five times in rest of the cities. Entire troupe of 16 members will be flown from Goa. The writer/Director Mario Menezes has included some of the top names in this group besides his regular artists.

Special role has been played by veteran Sabina of a mother-in-law. The rest of the cast includes Baby Rioma(Mario Menezes's daughter), Agnes, Rosy Alvares, Comedian Joana, Master Leejoy(child artist) Melody Prince Lawry Travasso, Mario de Vasco, Comedian Sally, Actor/director Mario Menezes and above all crowds favourite Marcus Vaz, Xavier Gomes and Francis de Tuem. Music is given by melodious Agusto de Panchwadi and Cruz.

Loudness is not Tiatr�s Uniqueness
Posted on 2008-10-01/


THIS is in reference to the article 'Tiatr' The Exotic Goan Must Watch by Ms Clara Rodrigues on The Buzz (NT, September 26). In this article the uniqueness of Tiatr is described as 'A tiatr is unique as compared to Konkani or Marathi dramas as it has only one style 'that is it must be loud'. I feel this is an adverse remark on tiatr and its development during the last 35 years. To understand the uniqueness of Tiatr, one must be aware of the fact that the story of a Tiatr is normally divided into six or seven parts, each of which is called a 'pordho'. In between these 'pordhes' there are songs called kantaram. Normally there are 2-3 kantaram in between every two pordhes. This means that on an average there are at least 12-15 kantaram in the tiatr. Mind you that the themes of these kantaram are not all related to the main story of the tiatr. Therein lies the uniqueness of the tiatr. Even though only one particular subject is presented through the story of the tiatr, 12-14 different subjects are tackled through the kantaram in the tiatr. It is this aspect of the tiatr that makes the tiatr unique compared to other forms of dramatic art. Tiatr is a unique form of dramatic art also because it cannot be considered a musical drama, although it has a lot of music and song nor it can be called a prose drama in spite of there being a lot of prose in it. The article also says, The language used in the tiatr is a dialect of Konkani mainly spoken in the South known as Saxtti. This is also not true. The Salcete dialect is used only by the comedians particularly from Salcete taluka and not by all artistes except if the script for creating such a character in the play demands it.


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