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'Konkanising’ Place Names

'Konkanising’ Place Names

Varde Valaulikar, the Shakespeare of Konkani literature who wrote 22 books between 1919 and 1968, including 11 translations of Shakespearean plays and the Bhagwat Gita, proclaimed that Purn-Swaraj would not be complete without the full emancipation of the Konkani language.

Forty-eight long years have rolled by since Liberation. Many of us abroad are showing signs of a new Konkani consciousness, by speaking Konkani in Goan conferences and social gatherings. Now the time has come to ‘Konkanise’ the names of our villages etc.

Just as the state has changed the name ‘Ilhas’ to ‘Tissuadi’, and ‘Panjim’ to ‘Panaji’, we call upon the various Konkani academies and associations to join hands, and plead for the official changes of place names, to say ‘Fonddem’, ‘Diuchele’, ‘Sallgoam’, ‘Murgoam’, ‘Saxtti’, ‘Moddgoam’, ‘Kunkolle’, and so on.

(The Navhind Times)


Emiliano sings

EMILIANO da Cruz, the Goan violinist of repute, has entertained lovers of good music of several countries over the years. Having groomed himself for a musical career, he eventually led his own band, which regaled guest of affluent hotels. Besides playing the instruments he has composed music, which possesses a classical touch. The string effect, with which he embelishes his compositions, few can equal. That's when he plays any instrument. But with his latest Konkani cassette, one can hear the master's vocals too.

In his new audio album "Kuwaitkar Novro", Emiliano accompanies Sumita in "Mummy & Daddy" and Lorna in melancholic "Tuka", and even goes solo in romantic "Maria", which has been based on his own lyrics. For a much needed change, we find a rare, rich, vibrant voice singing in Konkani. The voice seems to breath emotions into the lyrics, some of which he has composed. Santosh Naik has penned most of the other lyrics.

We also find that Lorna, takes a break and attempt a diversion. Besides rendering the theme song "Kuwaitkar Novro", Lorna is also heard in "Are Raja Mhojea Moga" and "Jiv Zata Hum Hum" with Sylvester. Sylvester also does justice to Emiliano's experimentation in "Jai, Jai Bharat" along with the Tender Voices (Tabitha, Zubin, Nejba, Karishma, Roselle, Luis and Mavita), then teams up with Lulu in another enchanting number called "Sobit Goa". But it's in "Jiv Zata Hum Hum", sung with Lorna, that he really shines. Anthony San sings "Happy New Year" (lyrics by fermeena Khaunte).

Drawing on his vast experience of performing at Mumbai's recording studios, under exacting directors, and assisting them often to structure sections, Emiliano has mastered the trick to mix and match words and moods into a charming harmony. The tune sounds familiar initially but suddenly does a pleasant detour.

Likewise, Emiliano also dismounts the established traditional line in lyrics too in "Kuwaitkar Novro". In Konkani, the Indian style and the westernized one generally go their separate ways. Emiliano, however, attempts some sort of a welcome narrowing of the gap between the otherwise parallel lines. Quite experimental and evolutionary music does he. When one listens to it attentively, the fresh trend which Emiliano has brought into Konkani music, appears worthy of applause.

The string maestro has to perfect the new trend, which he has ushered into Konkani music, by producing more such fine music to keep up the tempo. So far there is no CD of "Kuwaitkar Novro", which in the audio cassette format sells at Rs.70.

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