Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Goa legislators' conduct as "tiatrist" (a local form of drama).

Goa assembly warns press over comment on legislators' conduct
PTI / Tuesday, August 04th, 2009 AT 3:08 PM / (Gomantak Times)

PANAJI: Speaker of Goa legislative assembly, Pratapsingh Rane today rebuked the press for commenting on conduct of legislators during the ongoing monsoon session.

Senior Congress leader and former state law minister Dayanand Narvekar pointed out that a coloumn published in a local daily termed the legislators' conduct as "tiatrist" (a local form of drama).

Making a mention during zero hour, Narvekar also demanded that the writer should be summoned in the house and punished as such act amounts to curtailing the freedom of legislators and making mockery of the system.

Intervening the debate, the Speaker warned the press to print anything which is not within the framework of rules and regulations.

"The members (of house) has total freedom to express their thoughts. The newspaper owes an apology or otherwise I need to refer the matter to committee of privileges," Rane said.

He said that the punishment for it can be the imprisonment that can be given without even referring to the privileges committee as house is in session.

[ Goa-World.Com Team adds in a serious vien :

The Tiatrists too are disgusted to be compared with MLAs - and we can vouch this statement for all concerned. All Tiatrists do need to protest too, if the MLAs and Assembly Members are also taking the word "Tiatrist" as derogatory...... Isn't it right, Shri. Tomazinho Cardozo, Hon. President, Tiatr Academy of Goa?
And what's the warning about......? For whom? For the Goan press? ].



From the www.oheraldo.in
Politicians and Martyrs

While politicians engage in corruption and wrongdoing, our brave youth die defending the country, points out SAMIR KELEKAR

Goan politicians surely have very thick skins. For instance, this Assembly session has almost been like a comedy show, and one would have laughed heartily if not for the tragic state of Goa. Imagine the master of it all, Dayanand Narvekar, calling the government corrupt! Here was the guru of it all, having taught the shishyas how to make hay while the sun shines, now crying foul when the shishyas have learnt the technique better than him. In fact, any guru would have happily retired seeing such a great following, but not our politicians. One thing about our politicians is that they will never retire. The addiction of power is too much. It was even more funny to see the Calangute MLA calling his own party’s government a government of pimps and peddlers. Of course, give a ministerial berth to both the Calangute MLA and Narvekar, let them get a piece of the pie, and they will not utter a word against the government.
Read More >>>>>> http://www.oheraldo.in/pagedetails.asp?nid=25448&cid=14


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