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22 JULY 2009

‘Tiatr’ Feast Awaits Enthusiasts
Written by J P Pereira
Tuesday, 14 July 2009 01:21

Kala Academy Goa will organize their annual ‘khell tiatr’ festival, this year dedicated to the memory of the late Antonio Maria Pereira. The various plays will be staged at the Dinanath Mangeshkar Kala Mandir Auditorium from July 14 to July21, 7.00 p.m. onwards. The festival has an interesting line up of plays.

‘Amchei Anvde’, from M P Productions, Vasco da Gama, sees Maxcy Pereira weaving a tragic tale of an individual who sacrifices everything, including the love of his life, for his brother only to be rewarded with ungratefulness. The innocent parents suffered in the conflict. A beautiful script and continuity makes the play very watchable. Tracy, Maria, Oldrin, Marcus and Maxcy head the cast. Dominic Carvalho’s ‘Tim Odhik Bhagi’ presented by J M Productions, Calata, Majorda, narrates what happens when family conflicts arise and how others take advantage in such a situation. The play also takes a critical look at way Goans are selling of their land. Gloria, Rita, Cynette, Godwin, Seno and Jackie head the cast with good support from Cyril, Caetano, Pitush, Domnic and others.
Socorro de Sta Cruz is well known for his audio albums. ‘Hanv Porot Letelim’ written by Socorro and presented through Liby’s Productions, Santa Cruz, is a play that takes a look at exploitation of women, especially young widows, by the rich crooks. The woman fights back but cannot bear the ungratefulness of her own son. Carmine, Peter de Merces, Socorro, Cyril Almeida and others support Maria Martins who is impressive in the lead. Anil Olga Productions, Quitula Bardez will stage ‘Ek Dhago Sukacho’ a story of family values written and directed by Anil Pednekar, who has made some impressive plays in the last couple of years. This presentation will also be staged in New Delhi later this month. The cast has Olga, Aplon, Luis Bacchan, Netto and Anil in the main roles.
After a break of two days, on July 20, Menezes Theatre, Chinchinim will deviate from their usual family dramas to present a tale of suspense and mystery - ‘Love Story 2009’. Writer-director, Mario Menezes tells the story of two lovers. The girl is brutally murdered and the boy is accused of the crime. He is arrested by a corrupt cop and has to prove his innocence. No more disclosures as those who have not watched the play have to be surprised. Rosy Alvares, Agnes, Lawry Travasso, Mario de Vasco, Edison, Mario Menezes and others feature in the cast.
To wind up M P Productions, Benaulim will present Menino de Bandar’s ‘Jiv’, a tale of a life created and deserted by its parents. The play carries a fine message. Antonette de Calangute, Angela, Ida, Cielo and Ben Evangelisto star in the play. Antush and Bonny give impressive performances while Menino de Bandar does a fine cameo of a traditional tailor.
Do enjoy the shows!

23 JULY 2009

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by JoeGoaUk




"Though the lead singers in this CD are Nephie Pradhan (Goan) and Ivan Sequiera (Mangalorean), both have been successful in imitating the voice of the original singers in every song. Songs of Jerome DSouza, Henry T. DSouza, Alphonso D''Costa, Frank Fernandes, Chris Perry, Helen D''Cruz and Henry DSouza have been included in the CD. The gifted Goan music director Tony Dias has contributed the music using the latest technoligies in this product." he said.

"This is a foresighted project and a wonderful job by Ivan, Nephie, Tony with the help of the producer. Let us pray that this CD be hit in the market and create a new record in the Konkani music world." said the well known Konkani Composer/Singer Victor Concesso who was the chief guest on this occasion.

Elderly lady Mrs. Mary Braganza released the CD and Fr. Leo D''Souza, Lucknow blessed it. Speaking to the audience Fr. Leo said "the Konkani people will have always the taste for Konkani tunes. Tunes of the songs of the North India are different than the Konkani Tunes. But I have a great yearning for the Konkani tunes".

Clament Lobo who compered the whole programme said that Konkani saying "Hast moronk sulab, punn purunk kosht" (It is easy for an elephant to die, but the problem in its burial). Likewise it is easy to bring out any music album but the marketing of the CD is an challenging task. He wished Simson Braganza the marketing manager of the CD a great success.

Musician Tony Dias, Singers Ivan Sequeira, Nephie Pradhan, Charles D''Cunha and Vidya Braganza were also present at the dais.

"FOREVER KONKANI SONGS" has twenty songs namely Shegunnachi Sun, Ami Dogi Sezara, Maria, Chondrim Udevn Ailo, Anjya Sarke Cheddum, Ghoracho Divo, Noshibak Rodtam, Ek Dollyachi Bayl, Ye Ye Katrina, Goyem Tavn Mumbai, Lowrie Yo, Taxiwala, Sobhit Mumboi, Goddacho Pav, Mollbar Chondrim, Juliana, Tum Sopanngo Fantyachem, Ami Baba Mogar Podlyanv, Hi Raat Neketranchi and Nach Moga Nach. Ivan and Nephie are the lead singers. Charles D''Cunha, Anthony Tauro, Veronica D''Souza, Milagreen Fernandes are the chorus for the songs. Music is contributed by Shyam Raj, Jayesh dhargalkar, Prem Singh Sodha and Tony Dias who is also a music director for all the songs.

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