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Written & Directed by Laurente Pereira

Cast: Kuwait-based Querobina Carvalho, Marcus Vaz, Cajetan de Sanvordem, Laurente Pereira, and Goan artistes: Meena Leitao, Peter-Roshan, Mathew Araujo, Osvi Viegas, Felcy Cabral, Anil Pednekar, Olga Vaz, Lawry Travaso, Comedian Selvy, Comedian Agostinho Temudo, among others.

Venue: Kala Academy, Goa
In the presence of: Gaspar Almeida

This drama was premiered in Kuwait and held at the Hawalli A.C. Auditorium.

Clippings from the tiatr:


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Kuwait: One of Kuwait’s successful director, Laurente Pereira is set to prove
himself yet again with his Konkani tiatro “Hea Gharachim Dharam Bondh..!” to
be staged on Friday, 1st September 2006, 3:30 pm at the Hawally A/c auditorium.
Selected artistes based in Kuwait include Sylvester Vaz, Clara, Adrian Goes,
singers Marcus Vaz and Rosary Ferns, Mario de Majorda, Alex de Consua, Manuel
de Santa Cruz, etc, among others.
Laurente's last drama, "Lokhachim Thonddam Bondh...!" was a super-duper hit.
“Hea Gharachim Dharam Bondh” promises to be a mega show with top stars flown
from Goa. Tiatro lovers will get to see renowned actor-directors Roseferns and
Pascoal Rodrigues, character actor Anil Pednekar, etc, apart from enigmatic
heroine Olga Vaz and the evergreen Felcy.
Gulab Award winner for the best comedian of Konkani stage -- Agostinho Temudo
is sure to tickle everyone with his matchless style combining with Kuwait's
own Querobina Carvalho and Comedian Philip.
And for the first time in Kuwait upcoming director of Konkani stage Anthony
Sylvester, from St Estevam will be seen in action.

A story of sacrifice and evil deeds
by J P Pereira (Navhind Times)

Laurente Pereira from Utorda, working in the Gulf, is an actor who has made quite an impression on the Konkani stage in Goa. After presenting his ‘tiatr’ titled ‘Hea Gharachim Dharam Bond’ in Gulf, the show is now staged in Goa. Some of the best artistes from the Konkani stage perform a tale of selfless love, misunderstandings, sacrifice and the evil that some men can do.The story revolves round a father, his two daughters Cynthia and Sonia and Trevor, the son. While Cynthia marries Dylan, Sonia is ditched at the altar for not bringing enough dowry. The son is a drunkard and presumed good for nothing. Dylan is a kind hearted individual, helpful to all and loves his wife a lot. But there is always evil lurking around in the form of Vicky, a freak of a man who is out to spoil peace for others. Watch what happens later as the story unfolds, when good triumphs over evil in the end.

The script has some nice meaningful dialogues but some of the incidents seem a bit dated. Suicide is not covered by Life Insurance and Trevor’s character is very much downtrodden.

The setting is beautiful, the light effects timely and the direction is just right. The well chosen cast has Felcy as Cynthia and Olga as Sonia. Two well enacted roles, both in the happy times as well as the sad times. Meena does her bit as the mother. Roseferns does a wonderful role of the father while Mathew’s act as the loving and caring Dylan is just perfect. Pascoal plays the drunken Trevor in his usual calm and confident manner and Victor is Cliff, the man who refuses to marry Sonia but wants her to come back later. Anil Pednekar is the evil Vicky. The audience could hate the character he plays, at the same time laugh at what he has to say. Cajetan does a wonderful cameo of the ‘bhatkar’. The comedy is provided by Querobina, Selvy and Agostinho. Quite amusing and once again Selvy steals the show with a great performance.

The opening song has the director introducing himself to the audience, with gratitude for all the support he received. There are some nice songs from Lawry, Pascoal and Marcos. One of the main attractions is a trio by Laurente – Marcus – Cajetan and a wonderfully humorous quartet by Peter – Roshan – Lawry – Selvy. There is also an impressive octet Laurente – Querobina - Pascoal – Felcy – Mathew – Olga – Victor and ofcourse Selvy. The play is an entertainer and is definitely worth watching!!!

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