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Schemes and Activities of Tiatr Academy Goa for 2009 – 2010.

Tiatr Academy of Goa
Panaji – Goa

Tomazinho Cardozo, President of Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) addressed the Goa Press on 3rd July, 2009 in order to announce about the schemes and activities of the TAG for the financial year 2009 – 2010.

The details are as under:

Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) was officially inaugurated on 16th Februray, 2009 by the Hon. Chief Minister of Goa, Shri. Digamber Kamat. Soon after the inauguration, Code of Conduct due to Parliamentary Election was announced by the Election Commission of India. Government could not transfer any funds to TAG and the TAG could not do any activities. It is only when the Code of Conduct was lifted by the Election Commission in the month of May, the TAG started functioning.

A meeting of all Tiatr artistes of Goa was also convened and their views were also taken for planning for the year 2009 - 2010

The activities planned for the year 2009 – 2010 are as follows:

(i) Documentation of the history of Tiatr
(a) TAG has resolved to document the history and experiences in the
field of Tiatr by interviewing old artistes of Tiatr which includes writers,
directors, actors, singers, musicians, persons involved in stage setting, light
effects, background music, etc. etc. on VCDs and DVDs.

(b) It was also resolved to document the history of tiatr by publishing books
on history, critical appreciation and on any other topics related to Tiatr,
its song and music.

(ii) Encouragement to production of Tiatr in villages
TAG has resolved to formulate a scheme to promote tiatr activities in the villages among the children and youth by giving them the required financial and technical support. Institutions / groups / dramatic troupes / etc interested in promoting Tiatr culture among the children/youth in the villages can take benefit of this scheme. The participating children/youth must be the residents of that village and their age should not exceed 20 years. Maximum of five senior artistes from the same village will be permitted to act in that tiatr.

(iii) Promotion of Tiatr through educational institutions
TAG felt that the students in the schools and colleges must be made aware of the Goan traditional Tiatr – its history and its importance in the Goan society. Therefore it has been resolved to formulate a scheme to promote Goan Tiatr through schools, colleges and other educational institutions by organizing seminars, lectures, etc. for the students of educational institutions.

(iv) Raising the standard of Tiatr
(a) Improvement of the standard of Tiatr in all respects is the need of the hour. Therefore TAG has unanimously resolved to organize orkshops/seminars, etc on various aspects of Tiatr such as Script writing, Acting, Direction, Light Effects, Stage Setting, Back Ground music, etc. by inviting knowledgeable resource persons in theatre art from other languages. It has also been decided that TAG may collaborate with any other institution/organization while conducting these seminars/workshops, etc.
(b) Another way to learn more about theatre art and to improve the standard of tiatr is
to witness high standard dramas from other languages and gain more knowledge
about the new trends in modern theatre. Therefore TAG has resolved to encourage
tiatr artistes to witness high standard dramas in other languages which are staged in
Goa by providing them the required incentives.

(v) Preservation of Tiatr literature
Tiatr literature needs to be preserved for posterity. This can be done by publishing books of scripts of Tiatrs, One Act Plays and Lyrics of songs, with or without music scores, etc. Therefore TAG has resolved to publish books of scripts of Tiatrs, One Act Plays and Lyrics of songs, with or without music scores, etc.

(vi) Promotion of Tiatr music
The TAG has observed that the number of musicians playing blowing instruments such as Trumpet and Saxphone is decreasing day by day and that these two instruments are very important in the music of the Tiatr. In view of this the TAG has resolved to formulate a scheme to encourage youth and others to learn to play blowing instruments particularly Trumpet and Saxphone by providing them with financial assistance.

(vii) Reaching out to Goans all over the world
TAG is of the opinion that Tiatr Academy of Goa should reach out to Goans living in different parts of the world through internet and through other modern means of mass communication. Hence TAG has resolved to create a Web-site of Tiatr Academy of Goa giving detailed information of TAG and its activities.

(viii) Promotion of Award Winning Tiatr
Kala Academy, Goa organizes Tiatr Festivals every year in Panjim only. But the producers and directors of award winning tiatrs have no opportunity to stage these award winning tiatrs in other parts of Goa. Inspite of having a good standard these plays do not attract large audience because they have mostly amateur artistes. Therefore TAG has resolved to organize festivals of first three award winning tiatrs in other parts of Goa so that the people from other parts of Goa too have the opportunity to witness these tiatrs. It is also decided to organize these festivals in collaboration with other institutions in case such institutions come forward to organize it.

(ix) Remembering Tiatr artistes of yester years
Tiatr stage produced great tiatr personalities in the past. These pioneers of tiatr are no more with us. Their contribution to the Goan tiatr is immense. Unfortunately today’s younger generation do not know anything about them.
In order to make our younger generation aware of their contribution and sacrifices the TAG has resolved as under:
(i) To commemorate their jubilee birth anniversaries i.e. 75th , 100th, 125th, etc birth anniversaries by organizing special functions and appropriate programmes.
(ii) To give financial support to troupes/ institutions for producing special programmes on the lives of particular artistes or a programme of the tiatrs staged and songs rendered by those artistes in the past.
(iii) To celebrate the Birth Centenary of A. R. Souza Ferrao TAG has resolved to stage more shows of the tiatr “Gouyo Put” written by late Souza Ferrao, directed by Anil Kumar at Panjim, Mapusa, Ponda, etc. respectively in collaboration of A. R. Souza Ferrao Cultural & Charitable Trust.

(x) Provision of financial assistance to troupes going to Bombay/Poona
Goan Tiatr was born in Bombay. There was a time when the Tiatr culture was more prominent in Bombay than in Goa. Dramatic troupes from Bombay used to come to Goa to stage their tiatrs. In the recent years the scenario has completely changed. There are very few tiatr artistes left in Bombay today. Hence dramatic troupes from Goa go to Bombay and stage their shows in Bombay and Poona. Many a time staging tiatrs in Bombay/Poona by Goan dramatic troupes is not a financially viable proposition.
Therefore TAG has resolved to give financial support to the tune of Rs. 25,000/ - to any dramatic troupe going to Bombay/Poona to stage its tiatrs there provided that at least five shows of the same tiatr are staged during that trip.

(xi) Promotion of Folk Songs
Mando/Dulpods and other folksongs is a part and parcel of our culture. These folksongs have always found place on the tiatr stage. Therefore TAG has resolved to promote Mando/Dulpods and other folk songs by giving incentives to deserving folk artistes and folk troupes.

(xii) Encouragement to Script Writers and Lyricists
In order to encourage the script writers and lyricists to write scripts and lyrics of high standard, TAG has decided to organize literary competitions for Script writing and for Lyrics writings and to give awards for best script and best lyrics writers.

(xiii) Museum & Library
There is a lot of Tiatr material in the form of manuscripts, hand written lyrics, printed books, old HMV records, CDs and DVDs etc, scattered here and there with government authorities as well as with private individuals. Unfortunately required care of this valuable material has not been taken.
Therefore the TAG has resolved to collect this material if possible and preserve it for posterity by establishing a Museum and a library of TAG on a long term basis.

(xiv) Insurance for Tiatr artistes
The TAG felt that many tiatr artistes face a lot of financial problems in case of accidents. Therefore it was resolved to insure all artistes of the Tiatr stage under Group Insurance Cover. Such insurance will be beneficial to tiatr artistes in case of an accidental death or accidental injury takes place.

(xv) Directory of Tiatr artistes
In order to have up to date information about the Tiatr artistes living in and out of Goa TAG has resolved to publish a directory of all Tiatr artistes on priority.
(xvi) ID Cards for Tiatr artistes
There was a request to issue an ID Card to interested Tiatr artiste. TAG has resolved to issue such ID Cards to bonafide Tiatr artistes only.

(xvii) Awards for excellence.
Awards play an important role in the lives of artistes. Those on the stage, if awarded, get encouragement to perform better in future and those who are no more active on the stage feel proud because their contribution to the Tiatr stage is recognized. Therefore the TAG has resolved to institute the following awards:
(a) To give awards in all departments of Tiatr such as acting, direction, singing, script writing, stage setting, light effects, back ground music, etc by organizing a Tiatr festival of commercial tiatrs every year.
(b) To give awards to audio albums of Konkani songs i.e. for the best singers (male & female), for the best lyricist, for the best musician and for the best Audio album.
(c) Life time achievement awards to tiatr artistes of yester years.

(xviii) Formation of Sub-Committees
Numerous sub-committees are formed in order to implement the schemes formulated by TAG. Functioning in full swing will take place after the TAG gets the required staff.

(xix) Office Premises for TAG:
TAG will have Office premises of its own soon. Hon. Chief Minister, Shri. Digambar Kamat has made a provision of 1.5 crores of rupees for the purchase of the premises, to do interior decoration, to purchase office equipment and to purchase a vehicle for TAG. The process for acquiring an office premises to TAG is going on.

Tomazinho Cardozo
Tiatr Academy of Goa

[As forwarded to gaspar almeida, by Tiatr Academy President
on 6 July 2009]

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