Monday, July 6, 2009

Clara - Acted for over 22 years in Roseferns Troupe

Lidvinda Anastasia Clara Correia e Dias, known as Clara
on the Konkani stage, was born in Mumbai on April 14, 1946.

While she was singing for the Cuckoo Band, she was spotted
by a tiatrist Domnick Vaz. Soon the talented singer began performing
in the plays of renowned Konkani tiatrists.

She also acted in Konkani films "Zababdari" and "Moriad".

She has been consistently acting for Roseferns for the last 21 years.

To date she has performed in more than 150 plays. While adressing the audience on behalf of the artists who had been felicitated, Clara thanked the tiatr audience, which she claimed had spurred her to give better pefromances. She said that she was thankful to her understanding parents, who allowed her to participate in the tiatr, at a time when few parents encouraged their daughters to take to acting.

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