Tuesday, June 2, 2009

CM calls for research into works of tiatrists

CM calls for research into works of tiatrists


Chief Minister Digambar Kamat has appealed to the Tiatr Academy to undertake the process of documentation and research into the works of tiatrists in the interest of Tiatr and for the benefit of posterity.

Speaking at the birth centenary celebrations of noted Konkani stage artiste, Souza Ferrao, Kamat said he has sanctioned Rs 1.5 crore to the Tiatr Academy so that the institution stands on its own legs and works towards the interest of tiatr and tiatrists.

Admitting that many a tiatrist of yesteryears did not receive acclaim and recognition over the years, Kamat asked the Tiatr Academy to set in motion the process to carry out documentation and research into the works of artists and place them before the coming generation.

“My government would provide full support for the exercise,” he promised.
The chief minister said that artistes such as Souza Ferrao and others worked hard to showcase their talent without anticipating any monetary benefits. “Those were the days when there were hardly any facilities, but still Souza Ferrao and others served tiatr with dedication and entertained the people,” Kamat added.

Saying that the objective behind forming the Tiatr Academy was to promote tiatr, Kamat has promised assistance to realize the goal.

Deputy Speaker Mauvin Godinho requested the government to pay attention to the needs of tiatrists to raise the standard of tiatr so as to adapt to changing times.
Congratulating the tiatrists for playing a great role in promoting and protecting Konkani, Godinho said artistes such as Souza Ferrao and others have made immense contribution to the development of Tiatr.

Noted Tiatrist Ciriaco called upon the government to pay attention to tiatrists for their contribution to tiatr saying that many tiatrists have been ignored by the government while bestowing state awards.

President of Tiatr Academy, Tomazinho Cardozo called upon the government to find ways to best recognize the contribution of Mumbai-based Tiatrists to the art. He pointed out that the domicile clause is coming in the way of recognising the contribution of Mumbai based tiatrists and appealed to the chief minister to find a way out off the problem.

He thanked Ivor D’Souza president of A R Souza Ferrao Trust for taking the initiative to form the trust. On the occasion, a website, www.arsouzaferrao.com was launched at the hands of the chief minister.


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