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Honouring “Pai Tiatrist”

Honouring “Pai Tiatrist”
Leonardo Marcel Sequeira, Siolim/Maputo

During my current visit to Goa from Maputo, after almost 22 years, I was impressed by the changes in the state. Margao city has a lot of vehicular traffic, a little chaotic, but yes, this city is growing. But the garbage strewn around is awful, given Goa’s otherwise scenic beauty. The high-rise buildings are adding to the traffic problems.

At night, I saw the well-illuminated Rabindra Bhavan. I attended a Konkani tiatr there and what impressed me was a portrait of one senior citizen “Pai Tiatrist – Joao Agostinho Fernandes (21/12/1871 to 29/08/1947)”.

This reminded me of the good old days when we used to see tiatrs in Mumbai. Of course, the tiatr was entertaining, with a lot of humour. But, I could not much follow the Konkani, having lost touch with the language we otherwise spoke in Parel, Mumbai and Siolim, Goa.

I tried to get more details of “Pai tiatrist” from an ex-councillor of the local municipal body, seated at my side in the auditorium, who informed me that his house was just across a small rivulet on the southern side of the Bhavan. He added that the date of birth ought to be 14/12/1871 and not 21/12/1871, perhaps a slip-up.
The next day, we visited the house of “Pai Tiatrist”. Unfortunately, the inmates were not around.

The quaint, tiled, old house resembled many of such structures that dotted almost every part of Goa in the good old days. I was told that the government has plans to preserve his house and that indeed is a noble gesture which one needs to appreciate.
But much more needs to be done. This house could be an important landmark for Goans like me visiting the state. But there was no name given to the narrow winding path leading to the House.

In Maputo and other parts of East Africa, it is traditional to name streets after eminent persons and I suggested to my guide, the ex-councillor, that he could suggest naming the road “Rua de Pai Tiatrist”. I hope this suggestion is acted upon by the government.

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