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Dear friends,

Kala Mogi, Candolim is going to stage an English Play "United We Stand". on 16th and 17th August at Margao and Panjim respectively.

Attached herewith are:
1. Invitations
2. Scenes of the play clicked during rehearsal
3. Report - Kala Mogi to stage "United We Stand"

Please give wide publicity

Thanks & regards

Tomazinho Cardozo
to stage an English play

United We Stand

Kala Mogi, Candolim will stage an English play in 2 Acts entitled “United We Stand” on 16th August, 2010 at JAF Auditorium, Ravindra Bhavan Margao and on 17th August at 7.00 p.m. at DMK Auditorium, Kala Academy Panjim.

Kala Mogi was born in the year 1978. Literally ‘Kala’ means art and ‘Mogi’ means lovers. Our aim in establishing a cultural institution like Kala Mogi was only to make efforts to raise the standard of Konkani Tiatr. We feel proud to state that we achieved this goal to some extent. We also felt that we have talents to contribute in the promotion and preservation of Mando & Dulpods. We entered in this field too and succeeded. Kala Mogi has contributed to the cultural field of Goa for the last 32 years, especially as far as Tiatr, Mando and Dulpods and other folk songs are concerned. During these 32 years it has made successful efforts to introduce innovations on the Tiatr stage. In doing so, it has earned a lot of appreciation from the lovers of Tiatr. Kala Mogi has won numerous awards from Kala Academy and other cultural organizations. Its work has been recognized by both Government and non-Government organizations

Although Kala Mogi was established 32 years back, the founders of Kala Mogi actively participated in the cultural activities of Goa from as far back as 1957. Till date Kala Mogi has produced and staged 35 Konkani Tiatrs, most of them written and directed by Tomazinho Cardozo. Most of these are award-winning Tiatrs in various competitions and festivals organized in the state of Goa. Tiatrs produced by Kala Mogi have become trend-setters in the field because of its innovations on the Tiatr stage..

After having performed on the Konkani stage for a very long time, Kala Mogi produced for the very first time an English Play, ‘The Verdict’ in 2006. Originally written in Konkani, it had been adapted in English by Irene Cardozo and was directed by Tomazinho Cardozo. “The Verdict” became a big success. Kala Mogi produced its second English production “Sweet Poison” in 2008. This play too received encouraging reviews from the press and a lot of appreciation from the lovers of English Theatre. “United We Stand” is our third attempt in this field. We are confident that “United We Stand” too will be liked by one and all. “United We Stand” is an adaptation of Tomazinho Cardozo’s original Konkani play “Ami Soglle Ek”. The adaptation is done by Irene Cardozo and the play is directed by Tomazinho Cardozo

This play in 2 Acts throws light on the Goan society in the post-liberation years. Rojin and Laximi are neighbours and although they professed different religions lived for so many years in harmony and unity.

After the Liberation of Goa, the first Assembly elections come along and, thanks to the contesting candidates, the seeds of communalism are sown in order to get votes. Rojin and Laximi become deadly enemies of each other.

But their sons Mikel and Kishore know that this deadly monster of communalism will destroy our society. So they make a fervent attempts for unity and communal harmony in the society.

Is anyone listening? Come and find out for yourself.

Character Name of the artiste
Rojin Irene Cardozo
Laximi Jocelyn Misquita
Mikel Zico Fernandes
Kishore Shivanand Naik
Chimulkar Tukaram Naik
Raposo Joy Fernandes
Sheela Celza Lopes
Nancy Larissa Fernandes
Santu Mathias Mascarenhas
Bhatkar Dnyaneshwar Morajkar
Doctor Simonia Cardozo

Stage Setting Timothy Dias
Background Music Vikas Chopdekar
Light Effects Dnanjay Phalkar
Costumes Simonia Cardozo

Originally written in Konkani by Tomazinho Cardozo
Adapted in English by Irene Cardozo
Directed by Tomazinho Cardozo

We are aware of the fact that staging of English plays in Goa is not financially viable. One needs the support of sponsors and wellwishers. In order to create that support, we felt that we must show few of our presentations to the lovers of English Theatre free of any admission fee. This will help the English Theatre goers to have the first hand knowledge of our theatre skills in the presentation. Our aim is to continue producing English plays regularly so that Kala Mogi can step in to at least partially fill up the vacuum that we find presently on the English Theatre Stage in Goa.

We express our sincere thanks to:
● Department of Art & Culture, Govt of Goa. ● TITOs Calangute, Goa ● M/s Alcon Constructions (Victor Group)● Praveen Shettye ● MOTI VOIZ FOUNDATION Joao Carlos Ramiro
● HCN TV Channel

It is because of their co-operation that we are able to stage this performance of “United We Stand” free of admission fees.

Complimentary Passes can be collected at the ticket counters of Ravindra Bhavan, Margao and Kala Academy, Panjim

Tomazinho Cardozo
Kala Mogi
Candolim, Bardez, Goa

Attached: 1.Invitations for the shows at Margao and Panjim
2. Some scenes from the play clicked during the rehearsal

[As forwarded to gaspar almeida, by Kala Mogi, Goa]

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