Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Tiatr review by J P Pereira


V Creations maiden venture is a new tiatr written and directed by Bro Onassis D’Cruz. The drama titled ‘Tiatr Suru Zata….’ is a fine entertainer with messages on various ills that plague society today.

Beginning with a scene at the cemetery, where two burials will take place, the story recounts through flashback, the lives of the two dead persons, their involvement with others, the evil they do and how they mess up the lives of innocents. The writer also tries to convey to the audience, through the lives of the various characters, the guilt of euthanasia, the murder committed through abortion, corruption in politics and the hazards of smoking as well as drinking.
The play has a good script with some impressive dialogues, special scenes, projections and is presented at a sleek pace. The director is in full control of the continuity and extracts great performances from the professionals as well as the new faces. Abigail, Suzetta and Clancy impress with their fine acting and dialogue delivery. Veteran Fatima, is perfect as the old abandoned mother while Soccorina as the rich man’s wife, has a stylish dialogue delivery. Anil Kumar gives a great performance as the rich corrupt man and Jocelan does a wonderfully subdued act of the wayward youngster, who does not repent till the end. No shouting and screaming to display evil or anger, just a sober natural act. Piedade Caiado de Verna and Jose de Velim lend good support and Bro Onassis does various roles in style. There is plenty of humour from Jane, Kenny and Gaby. For a debut performance, Gaby is superb as the stammering student and had the audience in splits, with his one-liners.
Cyril Almeida renders the opening song. In between the acts there are songs from Fatima, Suzetta, Jocelan, Gaby, Piedade, Bro Onassis and others. A solo from Jose de Velim, one from Bro. Onassis and a duet from Suzetta with Cyril deserve special mention. The music arranged by Josinho and Fr Arvino Fernandes was performed by Chris (trumpet), Menino (saxophone), Sherif (keyboard), Bro Arif (bass), Wilson (drums) and Fr Arvino (mandolin and acoustic guitar).
A beautiful presentation from a rank newcomer. For those who have missed the play, there will be more shows next May.
Published on: June 2, 2010

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