Monday, May 31, 2010

Nurture Konkani cinema

Nurture Konkani cinema

Kudos to Mauro Fernandes for his letter “Konkani cinema” (May 29).
While applauding Laxmikant Shetgaonkar’s masterpiece ‘Paltadacho Munis’, he has rightly opined that Konkani films, if properly nurtured and promoted, may churn up a Satyajit Ray or Adoor Gopalakrishnan in near future. But to reach such a glorified stage, special efforts are required from all quarters.

The Government of Goa should encourage the upcoming film-makers by offering them soft loans to come up with Konkani films. Proper infrastructure like studios and other technical facilities need to be put in place by the authorities or offer a favourable ambience to the private concerns so that they can invest in the business of films.

Tax-relaxation and compulsory screening of Konkani films in theatres across Goa are a must to support local industry so that they do not get wiped away by the economic powerhouse Bollywood. Also the directors and producers should also see to it that instead of mimicking their Hindi counterparts, Konkani films need to be based on the ethos of soil and culture of Goa. An industry can never prosper by ignoring the basic traits of the culture of the region concerned. The common Goans should also religiously patronise the Konkani films, instead of succumbing to the crude Bollywood culture.

India is unique and colourful just because of its regional and cultural diversities and films are nothing but living and permanent documents of such richness. If Konkani films get established on a firm ground, it will add another feather to the colorful cap of India.

Kajal Chatterjee, Kolkata


Konkani cinema

I am among the few fortunate Goans who has watched Laxmikant Shetgaonkar masterpiece, Paltadacho Munis, and I must say those of you who have not seen this film have missed one hell of a movie. Truly, it is unbelievable that a film produced in Goa can be of such high caliber. This film is by far the best Konkani film ever.
The actors, the screenplay, cinematography, music etc is simply world class. Shetgaonkar, you have made Goa and Goans proud. Film making in Goa was a dying art due to financial constrains and lack of audience support. Young film makers like Rajendra Talak have tried their best to revive this form of art in Goa. With Goa being declared as the permanent venue for the International Film Festival of India and Government of Goa encouraging Goan film makers with various schemes,
I am sure many young Goans will take advantage of these schemes and produce good cinema. But as long the Goan public does not patronise Goan cinema, film making will be a loss and will only deter film makers. For the Konkani film industry to survive Goans have to wholeheartedly support it. The Tamil, Telugu or the Malaylam film industry is thriving because of the local support and the love of the public for their mother tongue.
We pay Rs 200 for a Hindi or an English movie at Inox, we go for tiatrs, why can’t we pay just Rs 100 and watch a Konkani film. I appeal to all Goans to watch this great film which has won laurels all over the world. You never know one day Goa might have our own Shyam Benegal, Adoor Gopalakrishnan or even a Satyajit Ray.

Mauro Fernandes, Anjuna

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