Sunday, May 16, 2010

Konkani Kogull award instituted - A right tribute to Wilfy Rebimbus

Konkani Kogull award instituted - A right tribute to Wilfy Rebimbus

By Team Mangalorean
Pics Rajesh Shetty

Mangalore May 9, 2010: It was the right step taken by a group of people who loved Wilfy’s immortal voice. They have instituted a prize. Thanks to Sandesha Cultural Foundation and Mangalore Konkans Dubai Wilfy who now have a prize named after him which will be given to a musician regularly once in a year. The award instituting ceremony was held in Sandesha School of fine arts in Bajjodi here today in a glittering function.
Philanthropist and member of the group Mr. Manohar Pais speaking on this occasion stated that late Wilfy was an adorable man and he hid nothing from his friends and family. Infact his life was an open book that anybody could read. Mr Pais said Wilfy was a thorough gentleman and honoured everybody and respected everybody. He was a celebrity in his own right in the Konkan Community he added. The congregation that assembled in Sandesha Foundation observed a minute’s silence as a mark of respect to Wilfy.

According to James Mendonca, Former President, Mangalore Konkans Dubai, the Sandesha Award for Konkani Music for original music, songs which will carry the name of Wilfy Rebimbus and cash prize of Rs.5 Lakh. He said the Foundation will now accept applications. On the same occasion the group also announced a ‘Wilfy Rebimbus Memorial Scholarship’ of Rs 5 Lakh for the poor students studying in Sandesha School of Fine Arts.
On this occasion the family of Wilfy was present and his son Vishwas Rebimbus, thanked the Mangalore Konkans Dubai and Sandesha foundation for the love they have shown towards their father. He said this new initiative will take his father’s name much further.
Former director of Sandesha and presently the administrator of Fr. Mullers’ Charitable hospital Fr Dennis D’Sa, said that such acts of benevolence are great works towards sustaining the culture. He said not everybody who has money will spend for saving culture. Others who spoke on the occasion included Fr Valerian Mendonca, Director, Sandesha, Linus Moras, Vice-President, Mangalore Konkans Dubai, Valerian Peris, P M Castelinho, Trustee, Sandesha.

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