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Prince Jacob's wake-up call in "ZAIAT ZAGE"

Prince Jacob's wake-up call in "ZAIAT ZAGE"

PRINCE Jacob is all set to present his Konkani drama "Zaiat Zage" - 70 mm Entertainment in Kuwait on 13th November 2009 (Friday) at the Daiya Fencing Club Hall (2nd Ring Road-Daiya) at 4:15 p.m. sharp. The show is organized to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Kala Mogui Kuwait. Transport arrangement has been made from Kuwait City - Bus will ply from Tasty Restuarant, Near G.P.O., Kuwait City.
The chief guest, H.E. Shri Ajai Malhotra, Ambassador of India and the guest of honour is Mr. Albano Pinto. Prince Jacob & his Troupe will take the stage as scheduled to meet the chief guest's schedule.
Book your seats in advance to avoid last minute disappointment and the organizers seek full cooperation from the Konkani loving people and thank in advance.
For reservations please contact Raja Stores, Kuwait City - Tel: 22412970 or organizers: 99391452, 97439165, 24726524 or email:

"I was crying bitterly at the death of my father and suddenly, I heard the audience laugh", recalling a scene from Roseferns' Akant (one of his early dramas) he says, "From that instant I realized that the audience expected only comedy from me." Several laughter filled years later, Antonio Pereira crowned Minguel Jacob Carmo Luis Fernandes, the Prince of Comedy after a laugh-riot role in Tapot – hence was born Prince Jacob.

It began at a tender age of 13 for the then Don Bosco Oratory student when late Rosario Dias introduced him in Chuk Hanvench Adarli, ever since, there was no looking back, recalling his Oratory days he remembers his mentor Fr. Henry Torra, who instilled a certain discipline in him and bro, Felix who imparted valuable tips in composing songs and skits. A front runner in singing, acting and debates, Jacob owes his success as an able orator to teacher, Fatima Rebello who shaped him up initially.

"They say it is dangerous to give a mike to an orator and the dog, a bone", laughs Jacob. The keen interest for tiatrs was developed in the formative years. "I used to accompany the late Souza Ferrao for his plays and manage to get a free entry for his tiatrs." Ferrao was encouraging and even introduced Jacob to Melody King, late Alfred Rose, who predicted potential in him. Late Jacinto Vaz Charlie Chaplin of Konkani stage gave his budding career the necessary thrust by constant encouragements.

Jacob's young talent was then tapped by star directors like Ligorio Fernandes and Roseferns an in 1985, teaming up with brother Humbert and Milagres he established, Prince Jacob Production. In his initial days, Jacob was known for directing tiatrs beginning with the alphabet P, "I did 25 tiatrs right from Pinzrem to Padri, while one tiatr was being staged my audience would suggest the title of my next venture," he recalls. After exhausting P he went on to R with Rodonaka.

Today he commands a dedicated fan following not just in Goa but across India, Gulf States & UK. To tiatr loving Goans spresd over the world, Prince Jacob represents a vibrant brand ambassador of contemporary tiatrs. A serious actor who graduated to comedy, Jacob is a born entertainer, "To have the ability to provoke laughter is a God-given talent". He says. "I thank God as I feel I have helped the audience in putting their sorrows away", Jacob reveals saying if he wasn't a tiatrist he could have been a priest.

Jacob has dared to bring bold innovations to tiatrs – from making a Doberman act in Pavnnek, doing magic in Raza Raani and four roles in Rupnem – based on the Marathi hit-play Sahi-re-Sahi. Jacob took his entire star cast to Mumbai to watch it before doing his Konkani adaptation and he watched it 12 times. Jacob's works included 16 centuries in tiatrs which have been appreciated by his countless fans who have helped him bag awards like Goa Post, Gulab and Kala Academy. Recently, Jacob is ruling the air waves through Big FM 92.7 as its celebrity RJ. "I have entered people's hearts through tiatrs, now I want to enter their homes", says the producer of 11 audio releases.

Jacob feels, as a tiatrist can be very exhausting when you are an actor, writer, producer and director, and to elucidate the dilemma to his children, Jacob introduced his eldest daughter Jewel Valankanni in Passport and recently son Jason in Viswas. "Now Emerald is beginning to realize that it may be her next", he says of his youngest daughter. Apart from tiatrs, Jacob has also produced Padri – a film that has so far been screened 315 times – it ran for a record two months (4 shows daily) at Margao and two weeks in Panjim, and also one show each in State of Bahrain & Kuwait. His other VCDs on St. Francis Xavier and Fr. Jose Vaz have also been well received.

In his latest, "Zaiat Zage", Jacob is giving a clarion call to Goans to wake-up and defend Goa. "I foresee what will happen ahead and portray it in my script," he says. "it's a must for every Goan, and is based in a simple village and the idiosyncratic sets determine the outlook of the topic. The main plot is comprehensive of the story and comedy" he adds to Heraldo correspondent, Cedric Da Costa.


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