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Tiatrists recognised for life-time dedication to the art-form

Tiatrists recognised for life-time dedication to the art-form

By Colin Savio Coelho

The tiatrist of the good old days really give a great boost to the art. In the 117 years of the tiatr, there was very little recognition given to the tiatrists by the government. The tiatr goers did give them a lot of love and recognition, especially with the traditional hooting to call the singer back on stage to repeat a song and applause at the end of a scene.

It was much later that M Boyer was awarded the Sahitya Academy Award and later the all-important Padma Shree. But many of the tiatrists sacrificed much of their lives and just enjoyed entertaining with the art-form with not much of an eye on any kind of recognition. But efforts like that don't go abegging. At some point of time someone will notice and give due credit to some good efforts.

The Tiatr Academy was one such recognition that tiatrists have gained. Though this Academy hit a few roadblocks, especially at the time it was first planned on the eve of the last state assembly elections, it finally took off with some gusto at a function at Pai Tiatrist Joao Agostinho Fernades, Ravindra Bhavan today.
One of the other highlights was recognition for life-time achievements coming from the government itself. The tiatrists who were applauded for their effort and sacrifice are:

Ophelia Cabral D'Souza from (Mumbai): Hailing from Socorro Bardez, she has spent most of her life in Mumbai. She was known as the 'Tragedy Queen' of the Konkani stage and she has acted in the C Alvares masterpiece 'Xezari Combo'. She contributed extensively to tiatr along with her husband Bab Peter. Her beautiful voice was also part of the hit films 'Amchem Noxib' and 'Nirmonn'. Ophelia could not make it to the awards ceremony due to health reasons and was represented by her brother Tony Cabral.

Antonette Mendes : One of those tiatrists who possesses a melodious voice, she has kept the crowds mesmerized with her singing. She is from Goa Velha and is also one of the many Mumbai based tiatrists.

Titta Pretto: He has been instrumental in writing many a triatr that has kept the audience entertained and involved at all times.
Anita Pereira Fernandes: Anita has been the first lady to have ever acted in Khel Tiatr. She also made a mark as a duet singer.

Lidvinda Clara Dias: This tiatrist from Orlim played those mother-in-law, sister and mother roles to great perfection. She is also gifted with a sweet voice that keeps her listeners spell-bound.

Lucas Fernandes: A native of Goa's coastal pride Colva, he was in the forefront of playing womens' role in the span 1947-59. He was acclaimed as a great singer and has sung over 300 songs on stage.

Alegro Roque T Antao: He is popularly known as 'Star of Arrossim' and did a marvelous job in back-up vocals, especially in rendering the second voice. He has to his credit one popular song 'Goenchi Xit Kodi' and has played womens' roles on stage many a time. His tiatr 'Retired Tarvotti' gained much acclaim in the days of yore.

Antonio Moraes: He is said to have shown the new way to tiatrists with his innovation, non-stop khel tiatr. This Tiatrist from Benaulim was well-liked for his khel tiatr 'Sandlolo Put' that made waves in 1956. He has to his credit a number of popular songs too.

Pedro Caetano D'Silva: Per-Seraulim, Colva is the home of this well-known tiatrist. He is better known by his stage-name C D'Silva. His great performance on stage always put the crowd in a spell. He has made a 60+ years contribution to tiatr and has also written over 13 khel tiatrs.

Thomas Domingo Rosario Antao: This music director from Nuvem has made a significant contribution into taking tiatr music to greater heights. He also made a major effort in encouraging khel tiatr music to also take forward steps.

Remy Colaco: This name will ring a bell with many. He has made a great impact with the tiatrs he has written. Originally from Sanvordem, Remy has lived in Mumbai most of the time. 'Ankvar Mariechem Dukh' is one song that has become a household tune over many years. Remy could not be present in person to accept the award.

Manuel Santana Aguiar: This is one of the most decorated tiatrist ever. Known for his spontaneity in composing lyrics on the spot, he started his stage career at the young age of 15. He is known to be a magician on the stage and over the years grew to be a much-loved artist. He drew laughter at his every move and also stressed on awareness on social issues. He was decorated with the Sahitya Academy Award and also the Padma Shree. Yes it can be none other than M Boyer, the Raia based comedian. His sister received the award on his behalf.

John Claro Fernandes: 'Portugues Kolvont', this is the one tiatr that John Claro is identified with because of its impact and popularity some two decades ago. This one tiatr staged around 200 shows around Goa. Hailing from Amona-Quepem, John Claro has been a well-appreciated writer-director of the Konkani stage.

Philomena Crasto: She was a great singer of repute and played many a role to such perfection that she won the hearts of her audience. She was wheeled in to accept the recognition for the great work she put into her acting.

Jose Lourenco Vaz: Nobody knows by this name really. He is only popular as Master Vaz. Calvim, Aldona is the hometown of this great artist, but he has spent his life in the South of Goa at Utorda. He started acting in the tiatr his father acted in at the age of seven. They called his father Mister Vaz and seven year old Jose was in turn called Master Vaz. The name stuck. He has played womens' roles and also sang a famous song 'O Catarin'.

The recognition to these tiatrists and the formation of the Tiatr Academy will surely help encourage younger talent to take to this age-old culture of Goa. Taking the tiatr to a higher level is surely the need of the hour. Tiatr needs to be looked upon as a career.

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