Thursday, October 8, 2009


Tiatr Academy Goa



Tiatr Academy, Goa (TAG) has initiated numerous schemes for the promotion of tiatr in Goa and out of Goa. Some of these schemes are as under:

Promotion of Award Winning Tiatrs
Kala Academy, Goa organizes Tiatr Festivals every year in Panjim only. But the producers and directors of award winning tiatrs have no opportunity to stage these award winning tiatrs in other parts of Goa. These tiatrs display high dramatic standards but they are not shown at different parts of Goa. The reason being these tiatrs do not attract large audience because they have mostly been staged by amateur artistes. Therefore TAG has decided to organize a festival of Award winning tiatrs in Margao so that the people from Margao and surrounding areas may experience the presentations staged by amateur tiatr artistes in the yearly festival organized by Kala Akademy, Goa.

Financial assistance to dramatic troupes going to Bombay/Poona
Goan Tiatr was born in Bombay. There was a time when the Tiatr culture was more prominent in Bombay than in Goa. Dramatic troupes from Bombay used to come to Goa to stage their tiatrs. In the recent years the scenario has completely changed. There are very few tiatr artistes left in Bombay today. New tiatr artistes also rarely flourish in Bombay. Hence dramatic troupes from Goa go to Bombay and stage their shows in Bombay and Poona. Many a time staging tiatrs in Bombay/Poona by Goan dramatic troupes is not a financially viable proposition.
Therefore TAG will give financial support to the tune of Rs. 25,000/ - to any dramatic troupe going to Bombay/Poona to stage its tiatrs there provided that at least five shows of the same tiatr are staged during that trip. This facility will be made available to dramatic troupes coming to Goa from Bombay too.
Production of Tiatrs in villages
The TAG is of the opinion that the hidden singing and acting talents among the youths in the villages must be explored and that encouragement should be given to develop such talents in the villages.
In view of this TAG has formulated a scheme to promote tiatr activities in the villages among the youth by giving them the required financial and technical support. Institutions / groups / dramatic troupes / etc interested in promoting Tiatr culture among the youth in the villages can take benefit of this scheme. The participating youth must be the residents of that village and their age should not exceed 20 years. However maximum of five senior artistes from the same village will be permitted to act in that tiatr.

TAG requests the tiatr writers, producers and lovers of tiatr to take advantage of the schemes of TAG and promote tiatr culture in Goa as well as outside Goa. Interested persons may contact the Member Secretary of TAG on phone number 9823375530or the President on phone no. +91 9822170102

Tomazinho Cardozo
President TAG

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