Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Remembering Alfred Rose on his 6th Death Anniversary

Goa's Melody King passed away on 21st Oct 2003, today is the 6th Death
Anniversary, Alfred Rose may have left this world but his voice is still in our ears as we hear his songs.
Having watched him singing live in many tiatrs in Bombay n Goa, we still feel that he is around us...

Alfred Rose has a huge fan following and today, one of his greatest fans
Agnelo Fernandes has dedicated this site in his name
www.alfredrose. com The site is not fully ready yet but will be updated very soon.

Another fan from Dubai who calls Alfred his Musical hero wrote:
""today is ur death anniversary but still today ur in our hearts in our
minds whenever we listen to ur songs we feel that ur r singing live ur r somewhere around us decades have passed
for the songs u sang but still today people like to hear and sing them and will always like to
listen and sing no matter whether it is ur 6th anniversary or 60th anniversary u will always remain in our hearts ""

I am also one of his fans and as a tribute to the Meloday King, I have compiled the lyrics of 100 of his songs which
are posted on my blog : http://edskantaram. blogspot. com/ besides also having a huge compliations of his songs.

Though it is said that he has composed and sang over 5000 songs (1500 being
in English) yet there is no trace of thousands of songs. Besides the few CDs released by FC Global there are
still many songs which are with Goans on cassettes, which can now be converted to CD's. I also understand that AIR
Akashwani has a large collection of his records, and they are in the process of digitalising the same.

On this day I share with you one song of Alfred which is not yet on CD...this song with a spanish tune speak volumes
of his singing, composing and music arrangement.

http://ishare. music/Entertainm ent/Familicho_ Ekvott--- Alfred-Rose/ 816678

and here is another one

http://ishare. music/others/ maim-bhas- or-mother- tongue-by- alfred-rose/ 575836

It is also said that some of compositions of Alfred were incidents which
happend in his life...the duet song 'Tuka Soddchinam' by Rita n Alfi after the accident and
another song 'Talleacho Cancer' after he was diagnosed of throat cancer which was cured
by a miraculous doctor at Breach Candy Hospital Bombay..AĆ©roplanak Uzo'..death of his friend in
the AI air crash in Bandra... my hair stood when I heard him sing this song barely 3 days after the

Alfred Rose is the undisputed Melody King of Goa and no matter how many try
to imitate his voice and style, he will always be remembered by Goans forever.

Dev borem Korum
Eddie Verdes


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