Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Demise of singer, Tony Carr

Notes from AIR FM Rainbow's tribute (by Tina Costa) to Tony
Carr, who passed away recently. The tribute was broadcast on
September 15, 2009 (9 to 9.30 pm). Feedback to Tina Costa at

* * *

Many of you must be aware of the demise of singer, Tony Carr
of 'Cu Cu Ru Cu' fame. Tonight, I dedicate this half hour of
this airtime in his honor. He may not have many songs to his
credit, but whatever few songs he has sung, have remain
etched in our memories all these years.

Tony Carr was born on 27th October 1945. Though
born in Goa, most of his life was spent in Mumbai.
Chris Perry, noted for rendering music scores to
many songs and noted for finding new talent, found
this talent in Tony Carr and gave him an
opportunity to sing his songs. Tony rendered the
song 'Cu Cu Ru Cu' so beautifully, so also the
other songs, 'Kalliz Boong Bang Zata', 'Madancho
Soro' and 'Tum ani Aum' with Usha Uthup.

For almost 28 years while in Kuwait, he performed in shows
along with the Mendes Brothers. He touched many hearts with
his voice during such performances.

We had the opportunity of having the following personalities
on air -- former Goa Speaker, dramatist, writer, singer
Tomazinho Cardozo who spoke highly about Tony Carr, about how
he made his name in this music field with just a few songs to
his credit.

Cardozo said how important it is to recognize such talent of
yesteryears so that they are not lost in oblivion amongst the
present generation. Singer Anthony San, saddened by Tony
Carr's demise, was all in praise of this singer. He said
that 'Cu Cu Ru Cu' was sung so beautifully by Tony Carr that
when he tried to sing this very same song, he was unable to
sing it as beautifully as Tony did.

All the way from Mumbai, we got a chance to chat with
dramatist, singer, producer and director, Tony Martins, who
said that this was a big loss and that he will always
remember the lovely songs that he left behind, especially
'Kalliz Boong Bang Zata'.

In 1978, Tony Carr accompanied Chris Perry on his
music tours to Bahrain and Kuwait and enthralled
the audiences with his songs. His last few years
were spent in Mumbai. During those years, he never
missed any tiatr, more so to keep in touch with the
tiatrists. Tony Carr always kept touch with his
friend, dramatist and comedian, Titta Pretto. What
shocked me to hear from Titta is that since the
last two years, Tony Carr had spent a lonely life
and wasn't keeping good health too.

On 13th September 2009, we saw the end of this 'Cu Cu Ru Cu'
voice. He proved that he didn't need many songs to earn him
the name that he earned. He will be missed by many. May his
soul rest in peace.

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