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A Peak Performer, Mr. Purshottam V. Pai

A Peak Performer, Mr Purushottam V Pai
Written by Purvi Radia
Saturday, 01 August 2009 01:57

Who is the driving force behind your successful career?

- My father was a dramatist and a bhajan artist. He performed at local temple shows. He wanted us to achieve perfection in bhajan singing so every morning he would allot us a particular bhajan to sing. Both my brother and me followed this training routine. My brother being well versed in singing showed me the right direction. Even now, before a performance my brother’s teachings still play on my mind.

When did you begin singing?

I began by compering ‘Yuva-vani’ shows at the age of fifteen. While compering I got the opportunity to showcase my singing talent in Konkani and Marathi. These performances removed my stage fear and gave me confidence. The late Ms Ranjana Kasab helped me improve further.

Has critical judgement changed your life in anyway?

Yes, this experience involved one of my own family members. During my days of struggle a relative refused to lend me rupees 20, a fee needed for my singing classes. He said pursuing such a low job was not worth it. Possessing a passion for singing, I was naturally upset, but at the same time it built encouragement in me and I wanted to challenge his words. From then onwards I never looked back. Having an interest in classical and semi-classical music I took every opportunity that came along. One of my title songs, ‘Mhoji Tulsi Tuzo Khuris’ was even released in Dubai. I also sang a Konkani devotional song for an audio album, ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’. I wanted to be a playback singer. When Doordarshan started producing telefilms it further opened doors of opportunity. It got me a nomination for the best playback singer category at a state film festival.Tell us something about your group ‘Yash Prabha’?

In 2001 my brother came up with the idea of forming a group, which we named after our parents. My father’s name Yashwant was shortened to Yash and Prabhawati my mother’s name to Prabha. The formation of the group began with just four members. A man on the synthesiser, a tabla player (me), a female vocalist and a compere. So far we have given 161 performance.

Today we have many talented people in the group. As your father was a dramatist, did you develop an interest to it?

Right from age of eight I have participated in dramas and sung songs for a famous programme called ‘Khallar ani Mallar’, which was aired on All India Radio. I began script writing for dramas by seven and directed my first play at 12. At that time there was no television in Goa. My Marathi drama ‘He Rama Atmarama’ has completed 38 shows in Maharashtra and Goa. I was a part of Dr Vijay Thali’s first Konkani musical drama ‘Saimacho Khel’ that gave performances in Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Orissa with a total of 25 shows.

Besides performing drama and singing have you been involved in anything else?

I have composed a song for a movie ‘Goa Ka Swadhinta Sangram’ and also performed four different roles in it that of a sage, a sarpanch, an advocate and a freedom fighter. Bakibab Borkar wrote this movie and the music was sung by a noted playback singer Suresh Wadkar. In addition to singing and acting, I have been part of the media too.

What are your currently pursuing?

I am focusing on singing and also involved with day job. Besides I am anchor with FM, which I have been doing for the last 23 years and my work with the primary channel ‘Bhauche Balkav’ continues.

Your message?

If one believes that one has the potential one should work on their talent and not let go of it. Trying hard and succeeding is anyone’s biggest achievement. Never imitate. Be innovative and don’t be afraid to experiment.

{Created by Ulysses Menezes & Gaspar Almeida - Kuwait-based Goans}

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