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Konkani VCD film "CHOVIS VORAM"

Simon Gonsalves all set to release 1st Konkani VCD film "CHOVIS VORAM"

Rock & Raaga presents AVERLY PRODUCTIONS' 1st Konkani VCD film titled "CHOVIS
VORAM", written and directed by Kuwait-based Simon Gonsalves and produced by
Rajesh A. Bhosale. The VCD is scheduled for release in August in Kuwait,
Goa & Mumbai (India) and worldwide. Watch out!
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About Simon Gonsalves:
Little did anyone know that a simple lad born a few decades ago in Panchwadi
would rise to be an indomitable star of the Konkani stage. An actor of
exceptional talent, winner of several awards for acting, a good singer,
composer and producer of Konkani audio albums, a playwright who has penned
noteworthy scripts and directed many tiatros, Simon Gonsalves has entered the
chronicles of tiatr history in Goa and Kuwait.

In a candid chat with us, Simon, a multi-talented artiste talked about his
voyage in the drama foyer in an incredibly short span of time.

Simon's immense talent and stage capabilities were first noticed by his
village folks when he went up the stage to participate in a Kunnbi dance for a
school gathering. People, amazed at his poise and graceful stage presence,
prompted him to take up acting in tiatros.

Landing with his first character role of a police inspector in a village
tiatro, and later Bab Agnel D'Costa's "Xapai" Simon went on excelling in every
performance that followed on the stage and the Carnaval khells in which he had
become a name to reckon with.

With explosives of hidden talents, Simon wanted to go cross milestones with
his blazing talent. Simon discovered his multi-faceted acumen when he
excelled in his directorial debut venture in 3 consequent tiatros in his
village, two of which were written by Bab Santan de Xelvon and other by
Reginald de Panchwadi.
A meticulous eccentric perfectionist that he is, Simon personally painted the
boards, (as is the practice even now, where every village advertises on a
piece of painted wood/ Formica board giving details of the drama - this board
is usually kept at the tinttos/main area of activity of the village).

The appreciation and fame poured in from every angle except his family. Simon
longed for his family's support to further his acting career. His family had
cleared their stand with him, they were dead against the tiatr and tiatr
world. But Simon had a mission; he had to carry the flaming torch of Konkani
tiatro. He determined to change their minds with his appreciable work.

A few years later, Simon moved to Kuwait for his livelihood after a fellow
villager, Peter D'Souza, helped him to get a visa to Kuwait. With a heavy
heart, sitting aboard the flight from Goa to Kuwait, Simon realized that he
will miss his life-long passion in Kuwait. With a few tiatros being staged in
Kuwait, Simon saw minimal chances of himself working on the stage.

But God had other plans for him. Jeff de Assolna who knew his abilities and
casted him in his tiatr "Bhik" in Kuwait. Thereafter Bab Rafael de Majorda
cast him in his maiden venture "ALIZA" where Simon ignited the stage with his
acting finesse. His role as an errant husband going astray teamed with Jane,
another equally talented artiste of Kuwait and Betty Naz a very prominent
actress of Konkani films and stage is still remembered by the tiatr audiences.
With a perfect dialogue delivery matched with precise stage angles and
presence left audience desiring for more of this newly developed stage
persona. Later his acting career got a boost with his portrayal of negative
character role in Mario de Majorda's tiatr "Anvddo" staged in December 2000.

Not satisfied, Simon had his sights focussed on greater heights. He opted to
test his directorial capabilities in Kuwait by participating in the one-act
play competition organized by United Club of Utorda. He was pleasantly
surprised to bag many awards for his one-act play "DEVACHO GHUTT DEV ZANAM".
And indeed, he had outshone as an artiste, director and more importantly
playwright of exceptional capabilities.

Encouraged by this feat, Simon staged his first full-fledged Konkani
tiatr, "TUJEA KALLZAK VINCHAR" in 2002 with artistes from Goa and Kuwait.
Thereafter, he and his brother, Felix, co-directed another one-act
play "Resped Diat" and bagged the second place which again reinforced Simon's
position as a production unit of high calibre. Simon entertained Kuwait Goans
recently with his novel Konkani tiatr " TUZO GHAUM, MOJEM NANV" to be staged
on November 19, 2004. Simon has a very promising character role in this drama.
A devout humble man, Simon thanks God in the first place for all his
achievements. He is now a content man enjoying the full support of his family
who, appreciate his tireless tryst to carry on his passion for acting despite
the pressures. He is indebted to few people who have supported him in the
tiatr world but more importantly the audiences who have stood by him
throughout his acting, singing and directorial career in Kuwait.

With final remarks, Simon said "God has blessed us with a talent for acting.
We should work continuously to preserve and promote this art in ourselves and
others without creating obstacles for the progress of the Konkani Stage".

Promoting Tiatr & Tiatrist since 1994 !

- by gaspar almeida

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