Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cruz Coutinho, the Best Trumpeters of Today

Cruz Coutinho, the Best Trumpeters of Today

Cruz Coutinho from Sanvordem, son of Joao and Rozada Coutinho, is one of the best trumpeters today. There is a dearth of musicians playing the blowing instruments. Fortunately, Cruz loves to play the trumpet and saxaphone and does a wonderful job of it.

His father was the choirmaster at the Church in Curchorem and would also arrange the music for konkani dramas. The son picked up music from the father and also taught himself to improvise and reach a high standard of playing. He honed his talent by constant practice and now holds his listeners in awe, whenever he plays the saxophone or the trumpet.

Way back in 1977, the Centre Social Anjo Custodio organised a programme of song, dance and music. Cruz got an opportunity to perform and when he played Spanish Eyes on the trumpet, received a thunderous applause from the audience. He was overwhelmed and in his own words, My Soul Rejoiced. The confidence rose and soon he played for dance bands and carnival folk plays.

At this time some friends suggested that he should try and play the saxophone. Cruz did and soon the listeners began comparing him to Pete Tex, Harry James, Eddie Calvert and our own, Chris Perry. But Cruz feels, he has a long way to go to reach the standard of these international musicians.

Having played with konkani tiatr directors like C. D'Silva, Roseferns, Lino Fernandes and Jacob (for nearly 13 years), he now leads the band for Menino de Bandar providing pleasant music that is beautifully arranged. Before the commencement of a show, he does a solo on the trumpet, dressed in a colourful costume, mingling with the audience.

His own composition Konkre Kom was loved by the audience. He treasures the words of appreciation from Fr. Marian Goes Proenca, who praised him no end, on his performance at the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Besides music, Cruz writes short stories and poetry. He has penned skits and received prizes for scripts singing and acting He has been a member of the Goan cultural troupes and has performed at Kulu Manali, Chandigarh, Delhi, Simla, Kerala and various other places under the Inter State Cultural Exchange Programme, conducted by the Director of Art & Culture, Goa.

Cruz works for the Department of Education. His wife Maria, is a government servant who helps him with all support, inspite of her busy schedule. His daughter, Melaney is qualified in MSc with BEd while Veronica is a 1st year LLB student taking active part in cultural activities. The son, Macson is into Automobile Engineering. Cruz is thankful to God for the blessings he has received and for the gift of playing music. He is grateful to the audience who have given him the encouragement and support .

Music inspires the soul and gives immense happiness. He advises youngsters to learn music at an early age because the bliss one gets from learning music will even help their studies.

All the best to you Cruz. We hope you play for many more years.

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