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‘Goan Music has a Great Identity of its Own Flavour’
Written by BOBBY JOHN/The Navhind Times

Sunday, 05 July 2009

What do you have in store for Goa?
My fusion band, Vibrations, will be presenting good quality collaboration of the raga and the harmony along with the excellent percussion by Gino Banks and Satyajeet Talwalkar. Atul Raninga is one of the leading keyboard players of the Industry who has been working with me from the Travellers Tale Album onwards.
Your opinion on the dwindling number of youth in the classical stream? Why is this happening?
It is not true that the youth are dwindling or going away from classical music, actually in today’s world, there are lots of cross cultural projects happening and we get to hear a lot of new sound through the music available. Hence, a lot of fusion projects are happening and it is not only the music which is getting diluted but other ancient Indian cultures are also getting mixed up.
Is the youth taken over by the pop/Bollywood music culture? Is the classical stream strong enough to with stand this?
Classical or Indian Raga Music will always stand strong as it has a different effect on the listeners’ mind which cannot be compared with any kind of music in the world, and it has its own niche market and a very selected audience.
Please elaborate on fusion music.
In my opinion, fusion music can be a good music if it is composed or played by the knowledgeable musicians who have studied some original form of music before entering into fusion. And the musician should also have a fair amount of training of the co-artists’ music with whom he is collaborating.
Goa is known for its music, have you heard Goan music? Do you like it?
Yes, I have heard some of the original Goan music when Late R D Burman was scoring music for the film ‘Pukar’. Later on, I met Remo Fernandes closely and also played with him. Goan music has a great identity of its own flavour.
What do you think of Mr Suresh Amonkar getting the ‘Padma Shree’ award?
Shri Suresh Amonkarj’s work is remarkable as he has translated the Bhagwad Gita’s Sanskrit ‘Shlokas’ into Konkani and I am so happy for his award.
Any message for the Goan musicians?
Goan Musicians are capable of keeping up the good quality musical standards my message is for them to be together and keep it alive.

{Created by Ulysses Menezes & Gaspar Almeida - Kuwait-based Goans}

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