Friday, July 10, 2009

Marcus Vaz's 1st Konkani VCD "AMERICAN GREEN CARD"

Marcus Vaz's 1st Konkani VCD "AMERICAN GREEN CARD"

Congratulations to Marcus Vaz from the team on the release of his first Konkani VCD "AMERICAN GREEN CARD" in Kuwait on Friday, 10th July 2009.

It's a N.R. Entertainments presentation by Producer Rizby Fernandes (Chinchinim, Goa).

The Konkani VCD features nine songs by Marcus Vaz, Comedian Joana, Xavier Gomes, Francis de Tuem, Felcy Cabral, and Olga with music by Norman Cardozo with camera man Presley Fernandes, and editing by Peter Pereira. Recording at Magic Touch Studio - Margao by recording engineer Chris Correia and post productions handled by Digital Innovations, Curchorem-Goa.

The songs include the title number "American Green Card" by Marcus Vaz, "Xirap" by Joana, "Margai" by Marcus-Xavier-Tuem, "Ostori" by Olga-Felcy, "Garbage" by Francis de Tuem, "It happens only in Goa" by Felcy-Olga-Joana, "Teg Khotte Ixtt" by Xavier Gomes, "Pamprel" by Olga, and saluting the great Konkani stage legends late M. Boyer, Remmie Colaco, late Jacinto Vaz - a trio by Marcus-Xavier-Francis de Tuem.

This excellently produced and professionally directed Konkani VCD is dedicated to the proud parents Master Vaz-Marina Piedade Vaz, who feature at the start giving their blessings of the VCD in their talented son's presence at the Altar of Our Lady of Lourdes Churchin Utorda, Goa. A rare tribute and dedication indeed.

The VCD is available at regular spots in Kuwait [Mob: +965 66533229], Goa and other places and priced at max. retail price Rs. 150/- (inclusive of all taxes).
Buy original, kill piracy, support Konkani artistes.

10 July 2009 10:00 p.m.
At the Hawally A.C. Auditorium, Kuwait
(c) All rights reserved. 2009.

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