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Long cherished dream of tiatrists finally comes true

Long cherished dream of tiatrists finally comes true
By Elvis Sequeira

The long cherished dream of the tiatr fraternity has finally come true. The faces of tiatrists and those directly or indirectly associated with it, lit with joy as veteran tiatrist Master Vaz lit the traditional lamp to at the inaugural function held at Ravindra Bhavan Pai Tiatrist Joao Agostinho auditorium, Margao, to mark the opening of the Tiatr Academy. Herald spoke to some veteran tiatrists, to get their views on what this new venture means for tiatrs and tiatrists.
Titta Pretto a veteran tiatrist (who also acted in the Konkani classic movies Nirmonn and Amche Noxib) based in Mumbai and one among those felicitated at the function, felt that “the Tiatr Academy is something good, and that the government has done its job.” He added that “now it’s up to the tiatrists to maintain unity, and make good use of the resources for the betterment of tiatr.”
C D Silva who was also felicitated on the occasion echoed similar sentiments, adding that “the Tiatr Academy has finally become a reality. It is something good and beneficial for tiatrs and tiatrists. He cautioned that “unless and until we tiatrists keep aside our egos, backbiting and personal funds aside, having a Tiatr Academy would be useless.
Jessie Dias, still a force to reckon with among the female artistes stressed that the Tiatr Academy benefits should reach all tiatrists, eligible for it, especially the old and the infirm.” Adding that, “to make this possible, the Academy should collect the bio-data of all professional tiatrists young and old and register them as members of the Academy.”
Echoing Jessie’s sentiments Thomas Antao (music composer-trumpeter) with 67 years experience in tiatrs feels that not only the tiatrists, but all those associated with the different aspects of this art-form – including musicians, set designers, light operators etc, should benefit from the Tiatr Academy. “I am happy that the Tiatr Academy is formed and I sincerely hope that every body associated with the Academy works unitedly so that not only the tiatrist but all those associated with tiatr in different ways, benefit from this project.”
Ophelia the tragedy queen of tiatrs, who also acted in the Konkani classic movies Nirmonn and Amche Noxib (based in Mumbai) was another artiste to be felicitated on the occasion felicitated but could not make it to the inaugural function. Speaking to her via the telephone, Ophelia revealed that she was informed by the authorities at the last moment and could not make it to the function. Explaining her predicament she explained, “I cannot travel alone. If I was informed well in advance I would have made arrangements to travel by air.”
“Anyway I am glad that the Tiatr Academy has been formed and I hope that those at the helm of affairs, work in the right direction.” She added nostalgically, I hope they remember my sister Miss Mohana who was the first lady to act in tiatrs commercially and was an inspiration to all female artistes.”
Luis V Quadros known in tiatr circles as A P Rojols is a lights and set designer from Raia. He has designed lights and sets for various tiatr directors for the last 29 years. He states, “being physically challenged, I have to face a lot of hardships, but it is my love for this particular Goan art form that drives me on. At last an organisation, for the betterment of tiatrs and tiatrist has been formed. Let us hope that it unites all tiatrist and others associated with it.”
Mario Menezes known as the tragedy king of the Konkani stage and a well known writer director of tiatrs, believed that “the tiatr academy was long overdue and now that it has finally come into existence.” He went a step ahead and exhorted all those involved in the tiatr fraternity, “come let’s us all work unitedly for the betterment of tiatr, let us work for a better tomorrow rather than fighting over petty differences. He appealed to his fellowmen and women saying, “Today I am a member of the executive committee of the tiatr academy and we are always open to opinion and suggestions.”
Michael Gracias, writer and director of an experimental tiatrs and also editor- in- chief of the Konkani monthly magazine Jivit hurrahed the coming into existence of the academy as “the best thing to happen, taking into view the popularity of these forms of art and the patronage it receives from the Konkani speaking people in and outside Goa. The present day tiatr scenario does not require any patronage from the government because it is fully supported by the people of Goa. Adding that “the Tiatr Academy is required for research and documentation as the authorities at the helm of affairs be it the Goa Konkanni Academy, the Art And Culture Department or the Kala Academy has only paid lip service in the past.

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