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Him Tujim Pavlam touches ‘super hit’

Him Tujim Pavlam touches ‘super hit’
mark among UK tiatr lovers!

June 6th 2009, witnessed a new era for the Konkani Stage in UK under the auspices of Konkani Dramatic Association, UK. That day they staged the tiatr called Him Tujim Pavlam.

The unique, novel script portrays a conflux of ideas. The script is crisp with intricately woven outstanding dialogues and humorous comedy.

Poignant Plot: Him Tujim Pavlam highlights the mindset of the immigrants to Europe. Romald(Michael)and Betty (Mary), the Goan couple settled in UK try to enlighten their only daughter Merlyn (Meryln) against her blind pursuit of aping the English lifestyle. They realistically reproach her that her origin remains unchanged even under the alien mask. Alvaro played as her father-in-law. The protagonist is a woman of substance - a trustworthy wife, a caring daughter-in-law and a valiant lady who copes with the final stages of cancer. The tactful Sarah devises a plan to unite Floyd with Merlyn under the guise of them both sharing an intimate friendship. Hence, her untimely death would not leave a void in the family. But, the doctor unveils the illness which exposes Sarah to be a woman both “Bold and Beautiful” in her deathbed.

Cast Performance: Jr. Nelson gave marvelous performances both as an actor and singer. His powerful solo on M. Boyer was a class of its own.
Felcy gave a stellar performance as Sarah Floyd’s(Junior Nelson) wife who strives to bring back the lost glory after the demise of her mother-in-law. However, her dreams are shattered when she is diagnosed as having cancer.

The comedy by Luis Bachan, Joana, Victor de Verem, Judy and after all comedian Santan was a blast. It was a laugh riot. They were swift and compact in their presentation. Vow!
Kudos to comedian Santan who staged his maiden Konkani drama- a suspense thriller, that was offset with hilarious comedy the melodious and poignant title song Him Tujim Pavlam at Crydon, Swindon and Wembley to a capacity crowd. The show was unanimously applauded as hit.

Melodious Music : Another main reason for the great response that Him Tujim Pavlam was given can be attributed to the man in the foreground- James Vaz, the Band Leader. An aesthetic musician, he produced the original music that harmoniously blended with his fellow musicians Francis (bass), Babit (lead) and Polly (drums). The interlude set the tone and time for the performers and the background score filled in the sound effects. The music simply motivated the singers and inspired the listeners. Adding to this euphoria was the Drum Solo by ( Polly ) which was the brain child of the band leader himself. This was efficiently and creatively supported by the brilliant stage setting and light effects by Jhonny Damaciano and Francis.

So, hats off to Santan who dared to break through new barriers and create a niche for him. The super hit was not based just on the characterization but the very concept of the drama. The whole performance driven troupe displayed a standard and quality through this innovative talent. This has definitely raised the hopes for the Konkani Stage for further development and a long standing for the future in the UK.

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