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Allan Da Costa - Goa's foremost Konkani announcers at AIR Panjim

Allan Da Costa, one of Goa's foremost Konkani announcers whose mellifluous voice wafted from the Emissora da Goa (now All India Radio) broadcasts for several years, breathed his last on March 8, 2006.

The popular radio announcer was a superb vocalist too and his admirable rendition of musician-novelist Reginald Fernandes' evergreen song "Adeus Korchea Vellar" is a tribute to his vocal prowess. The funeral service was held the following day at teh Holy Family Church, Porvorim

(Goa Today - April 2006 issue)

Just yesterday, I happened to listen to Goaworld's Konkani Online Radio and I must say it's fantastic. When I listen to it all the time, looks like I am in Goa listening to Lorna and others.

So much variety and a very good selection! Really classy material and great quality. Aren't we lucky! My congrats to Uly Menezes and Gaspar Almeida for doing yomen service to Goans worldwide.

While I was listening to this Radio, I was doing other things on my PC and all of a sudden I was startled to hear a familiar song. It was from my album "Classic Goa: Hits of the Millennium" by Young Chico in"Budhichim Utram" and exactly 3 songs later, another of my song appeared "Goa Ke Raste Pe"(in Hindi) by Young Chico, Anthony San and Sumeeta.

Next day I heard another song "Asha ani Gopi" by Sumeeta and Anthony San from the same CD "Classic Goa" to be followed by another song "Roddum Naka" by Young Chico. Isn't it a great thrill to hear songs written by yourself? Well, it is for me. I felt the same sensation when I went to Goa last year and heard many of the songs from my album "Classic Goa" on Goa's FM Radio.

Great work, Uly. Where's my royalty re? Just kidding! It's my pleasure. I am glad listeners like these songs!
Hope pretty soon we can hear Goanetter Sanny de Qepem's "Saibinnicho Tisro Segred" from his just released CD.

It was another thrill for me to see another Goanetter(writer) Daniel F D'Souza appearing in Konkani VCD "Axirvadi". Daniel was really mad because comedian Jesus stole his suit (you should see his acting). More reviews of VCD s later. So far now the best VCDs I like are "Aleesha" for great production (can't compare with any other Konkani films) and the best film "Kantteantlem Ful" produced by Arnold Da Costa.

Don't you just love Domnic's article "Good Old Days of Radio"?. Well written piece as always. Almost forgot the names of Ansu Rodrigues from Sanvordem and Georgina Jacques from Majorda? And the sweet distinct voice of Allan Da Costa in "Adeus korchea vellar?" What about Balduino Araujo?

And what about the recital of Konkani poems on Goa Radio? I remember in 1968, I was privileged to recite my Konkani poems on All India Radio Goa. That was a thrill too, but I was very nervous. I just about made it to Cuncolim in time after recording in Panjim that day (took 4 hours to travel 40 kilometers, with ferry boat at Agasaim?) at 7:30 pm to listen to it on our Sony Transistor. Oh those were the days!

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