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"Police 2" Tiatr in Oman - “Wow! What a show!”

"Police 2" Tiatr in Oman - “Wow! What a show!”

“Wow! What a show!” was the unanimous response of the Goans in Oman as they left the Ruwi Church Hall on the early morning of 12th June 2009.

The event - Goan Tiatr ‘Police2’ - written and directed by comedian Augustine, was presented by GCO . All the actors and musicians had been specially flown in all the way from Goa.

As expected, it was a houseful show and everyone present thoroughly enjoyed every moment on the hilarious show.

Before the show, Mr. Anthony Lourence, the GCO Coordinator for Cultural activities welcomed everyone and introduced the director, Mr. Augustine, who was welcomed with a thunderous applause. Anthony thanked GCO President Mr. Flynn de Lima for his generous and continuous support, the Vice-President Mr. Celso Fernandes for providing accommodation to the visitors, Mr. Baltazar Fernandes for the sound system, and a word of special thanks to Mr. Anthony Goes and Mr. Thomas Fernandes of the Al Hosni Group for sponsoring the visas . Mr. Celso presented a memento, as a token of appreciation, to Mr. Anthony Goes and Mr. Thomas Fernandes.

Mr. Augustine then requested the audience to stand and observe a minute’s silence as a mark of respect for the departed soul of the great Goan Tiatrist M. Boyer, who breathed his last on 30th May in Goa. Later on in the show, Mr Oswy Viagas , a well known Goan composer sang a song in honor of M. Boyer.

The curtain then opened to a melodious opening song by Joaquim Cabral. It was then 3 hours of non-stop peels of laughter all the way to the comedy of Selvi and the director himself.

The main story itself included a very well written script, inter woven with introspective social awareness messages in honor of the police services. The show was well complemented by melodious songs by various artist s on different topics: one specially praising liquor baron Vijay Mallaya for saving Mahatma Gandhi’s relics from leaving the Indians shows. Our local talent Mr. Louis Gomes, well seconded by his younger brother Mr. Rocky Gomes, added special colour to the show with a well composed song highlighting the degeneration of Christians values in our Churches.

Just towards the end, an emotional and highly excited Augustine appeared on the stage and profusely thanked the Goans in Oman for turning up in great numbers, and for their excellent support. He and his troupe were specially appreciative of Mr. Anthony Lourence and his Ghanv Bhavs Louis and Rocky who spared no effort whatsoever to ensure this success of this event and hospitality to the tiatrists. Mr. Augustine also thanked Mr. Celso for the fine accommodation “ Wow! what a house!” and the GCO for the rucheck Goanche jevon, cooked and supplied by Rosy and Kevin.

The GCO wishes Mr. Augustine and his artistes every success in the present Gulf tour, UK and Insha Allah the New Zealand trips and the all the best in the future endeavors.

The GCO also thanks the following:
- Ruwi Parish Priests and office bearers.
- Mr. Anthony Goes and Mr Thomas Fernandes for arranging visas through Majan Hotel
- Mr. Celso Fernandes for arranging the accommodation for the visiting troupe
- Mr. Baltazar Fernandes and Talentz for the sound and lights
- Mr. Rocky Gomes for arranging the trip and liaising with the troupe
- Mr. E Perry and Mr Noel Rodrigues for the stage settings.

For photos by Mr. Sebastian, click on http://www.goansinoman.com/photos/%20/

Goan Community of Oman

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