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M. Boyer - An Institution of Tiatr Faternity

M.Boyer - An Institution of Tiatr Faternity

Kuwait-Goa Tiatristanchi Sonvstha (KGTS) condoled the death of Manuel Santana Aguiar, Padmashree M.Boyer. The condolence meeting was held on Wednesday, June 3, 2009 at 8.00 pm at Royal Terrace, Salmiya, Kuwait - a day after M.Boyer's mortal remains were laid to rest in Goa by hundreds of mourners, predominantly from the tiatrist faternity, tiatr lovers, and Goans from all ways of life.

The sorrowful tiatrists in attendance to pay their tribute to M. Boyer were senior tiatrist & KGTS President Francis Fernandes de Verna, Manuel de Santa Cruz, Querobina Carvalho, Cajetan de Sanvordem, Filipe Pereira (Comedian Philip), Nelson Collaso, Sylvester Vaz, Irene Cardozo e Vaz, Mario de Majorda, Gracy Morais, Laurente Pereira, Clara Rodrigues, Joseph Rodrigues, Cajie Fernandes de Benaulim, Anthony Carr, Martinho Martins, Laurie Miranda, Milagres Cardozo, and Dominic Araujo.

M. Boyer is an institution of tiatr said senior tiatrist Cajetan de Sanvordem, he was lovingly known as ‘Irmao’ within the tiatr fraternity, his popularity had no limit, so much so that even the normal mail by post received by him only read ‘M. Boyer – Goa’.

Sylvester Vaz said M. Boyer was a father figure for today's tiatrists, he was one of the greatest artist Konkani stage ever produced. His personality was outstanding and tremendous traveler; one will not find in books what he has in his mind to keep busy through out your journey.

Senior artist Querobina Carvalho broke down in tears while sharing her personal experience with M.Boyer. His tiatr ‘MOG KAZAR DIVORCE’ propelled her to visit Gulf countries for the very first time. She praised M. Boyer's wife Martha for all her love and supreme sacrifices towards her husband while he was bedridden.

Manuel de Santa Cruz said the then Emiraso de Goa (All India Radio) made M. Boyer's each and every song a memorable hit, to name a few ‘GOENCHE CONVENT’ , ‘BHURGIM KONNACHIM’, etc, M.Boyer's Padmashree was not decorated by tiatrists the way industrialists and others political figures are getting more attention.

Dominic Araujo refined on Padmashree giving example of two horses, one white and the other one black, both have to carry out same task yet the owner showers praises for the white color horse, M. Boyer's each and every tiatr was educative ‘KELEAR CHUK KOBAR SUKH’, ‘EKUCH ROSTO’, ‘GHOR DUKHI GAUM SUKHI’, ‘SOUNSAR SUDORLO’ etc, to name a few.

Gracy Morais spoke on the achievement of M.Boyer, Francis de Verna scaled M.Boyer as the greatest composer, singer, actor, writer and director, and he also shared his personal experience with M.Boyer in Bombay (Mumbai) at Princess Theatre and Bhangwadi. Mario de Majorda prayed that Almighty God may grant Eternal Rest to the departed soul.

As a tribute to one of the most famous tiatrist, Querobina Carvalho dedicated one verse chorus of his hit song ‘IXTTAGOT’ where in all the assembled tiatrists joined in to her sobbing voice.

Amiganim utram mhojim sodanch monan dovorchim gott
Koslich ek vost ghodonastanam sot manducheak dista fott
Soursarant asat zaitech amig, vaurtat moi mogan bhonvonk sogott
Punn tantle bhou thodde zanant samballunk khori ixxttagott

khoro amig nhuim tuzo tuka baranim pivota to
khoro amig nhuim tujo tuka sagvadi pavoita to
Toxoch khoro amig nhuim tujo fudlean hnason fatlean mutti zokta to
Khoro amig tujo vaitt dislear tondar tuka sangta to

Asleat khuim dog gott amig, razan ekleak gollar diunk vhelo
Amig amigak dourun aple mostache familik sangunk eunk ghelo
Xekim gollar marcho vogott paulo, to nam mhunn amig moronk toair zalo
Mogache amig mhunn razan dogaimchoi jiv salvar kelo

Osle amig hea tempar mellonk kustar tuka vo maka
Atanchea amigank choddui tum pationaka
Kosloi tujo gutt asot tor, amigank tujea dakoinaka
Borem vid sartoloi tor amigank choddui pationaka.

Sylvester Vaz took the initiative of rendering the Konkani hymn ‘MHOJE MAI THAIM VETOLOM’

Mhoje Mai thaim vetolom
Ek dis sukhak bhagivonta
Ankvar Marie sangata
Sorgar raj choloitolom

Dp: Sorgar, Sorgar
Mhoje Mai thaim vetolom (2)
Mhoje Mai thaim vetolom
Jivea-niza bhavartan
Chodd bollan ani nettan
Sorv vaittantlo polltolom

Dp: Sorgar, Sorgar
Mhoje Mai thaim vetolom (2)

Mhoje Mai tahim vetolom
Pun kellea dekhun vhodd chuk
Tichea mogachea Jezuk
Poilim patkam roddtolom

Dp: Sorgar, Sorgar
Mhoje Mai thaim vetolom (2) Mhoje Mai thaim vetolom
Patt vollun khottea margak
Naddink ani bhulounnniank
Vaitt sukha thaun dhanvtolom

Dp: Sorgar, Sorgar
Mhoje Mai thaim vetolom (2)

KGTS President Francis de Verna gratefully acknowledge with gratitude the presence of the members, and followed by the closing prayers by Manuel de Santa Cruz.
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