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The Tiatr Academy, Goa was constituted on 6th January, 2009 with eminent Konkani playwright, ex Speaker of the Goa Legislative Assembly, ex Headmaster, and columnist Mr. Tomazinho Cardozo. Besides other office bearers , Mr. Victor de Sa was appointed its Member Secretary. It was inaugurated on 16th February, 2009 at the JAF – Pai Tiatrist Hall Margao and its Constitution notified on May 2009. The Government has provided the Tiatr Academy a Rs. 1.5 crore assistance to have its own premises and one such premise Opp the Kala Academy at Campal Panaji is under consideration.

The Tiatr Academy Goa now well over 100 days since its inception has invited all tiatr artists, writers, directors, actors, singers, those involved in back stage works such as stage setting light effects background music constumes make-up professionals and musicians assisting tiatrs etc to attend its first meeting on 17th June 2009 at 4.00 p.m. sharp at the Conference Hall of Ravindra Bhavan Margao according to an advertisement released on the local English daily today by the Member Secretary TA-Goa to give valuable suggestions for the effective functioning of the TA-Goa.

This writer has been interacting with several of those connected with the tiatrs and during such interactive meets the undermentioned suggestions need to be considered.

The Tiatr Academy Goa constituted on 6th January, 2009 by the Government of Goa was clearly with a rider that the OLA 1987 would not be tampered with the demand at a above and hence appears to be a favour done to the Tiatrist and tiatr lovers and not as a legitimate fulfillment of a long pending requirement.

Thus there can be no comprise on the legitimate demand of Goans for grant of official recognition to Konkani in the English script by amending the OLA 1987 as the topmost priority. Once this is achieved it follows as corollary that the State Government must give budgetary support and not mere financial “assistance “ as doles as at present.

The Tiatr Academy Goa should
- look out for an individual who is young, dynamic, apolitical, has administrative acumen, and above all has the ability to unite the tiatrists.

- have its own website, blog, online facility email and network with similar other websites so as to act as a repository of anything and everything related to tiatr

- create a data base of all the tiatrist and those connected with the tiatr right from 1871. The data can be classified broadly in four categories a) before Independence 1947, b) before Liberation 1961 c) post Liberation 1967 and d) post Statehood 1986 . Care should be taken to include those outside Goa as well

- ensure that portraits of Lucacinho Ribeiro, Joao Agostinho Fernandes (Pai Tiatrist) and Maria Regina Fernandes adorn the office of the Tiatr Academy Goa – Office, and their photographs are prominently displayed on all advertisements released by the Tiatr Academy Goa.

- constitute subcommittees consisting of office bearers of the TA-Goa and other well meaning citizens within and outside Goa to collate, disseminate, information and to advance the scope of performance of tiatr artists, writers, directors, actors, singers, those involved in back stage works such as stage setting light effects background music constumes make-up professionals and musicians assisting tiatrs

- commemorate posthumously tiatrists who have contributed immensely to sustain this unique performing art in most difficult times and unsavoury circumstances which has sustained this ever growing cultural to this day;

- collaborate with other private tiatr academies or cultural bodies world wide to promote tiatr

- demand for recognition of tiatr and related activities as an industry so as to enhance the scope of funds and run the same on sound financial standings to attract people to dedicate themselves full time into the tiatr

- constitute a wage panel to decide pay perquisites and provide for social security on superannuation and a solatium for next of kin of deceased tiatr personnel.

- seek financial grants from the Ministry of Art and Culture and Govt of India and Department of Art and Culture Government of Goa for musical instruments , pensions for musicians and others connected with the trade an d also for the benefit of the next of kin.

- upgrade the standards of performance presentation stage setting using present day acoustics and electronic setting etc without destroying creativity and originality to attract the audiences of varied social backgrounds and make tiatrs acceptable to those other than the traditional audiences.

- microfilm all original scripts of tiatrists of yester-years and preserve for posterity original ones either in public or private museums

Preserve the “House of Pai Tiatrist” at Modsai Margao alongwith his personal effects his original scripts works etc .. ( on the lines of Rabindranath Tagores Shantinilketan abode at Kolkatta, West Bengal ) for posterity and for future generations to see.

Decentralise its working preferably taluka wise by setting up liason centres / contact desks in private offices /homes etc with business communication facilities for efficient networking with the Tiatr Academy Goa headquarter and to avoid tiatrist etc visits to headquarters for works related to TA Goa.

Form a youth wing for tiatrists and others under an independent youth leader to pursue the tiatr mission.

Prepare a film on late Padmashree M Boyer for his unique contribution to tiatr.

Constitute a committee to assist creating the DVD, VCDs of tiatrs to enhance their quality and viewing standards for audiences of all ages and to avoid piracy

It is hoped that the others too will send in suggestions views etc to the Tiatr Academy Goa Chairman.

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