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Red letter day for tiatr

Red letter day for tiatr
17 Feb 2009, 0335 hrs IST, Rajeshree Nagarsekar, TNN

MARGAO: Hundreds of tiatrists and tiatr lovers cheered as legendary tiatr artiste Jose Lawrence Vaz, popularly known as Master Vaz, inaugurated the
Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) at a glittering function organized by the Directorate of Art and Culture at Ravindra Bhavan's Pai Tiatrist auditorium, Margao, on Monday evening.

Appreciative of the government's move to set up TAG with the objective of promoting and developing tiatr, 82-year-old Vaz said, "This is a golden day in the history of tiatr and the honest efforts of chief minister Digambar Kamat will be remembered for years to come."

Director of art and culture Prasad Lolyekar announced that the government has already made a provision to allot Rs 1.5 crore as a "one time grant" to TAG. "Apart from other activities, TAG will also work towards the audio-visual documentation of tiatr," he said.

TAG president Tomazinho Cardozo said that the setting up of the academy is the "first step towards getting an industry status for tiatr".

Veteran tiatrists Ophelia Cabral D'Souza, Antonette Mendes, Titta Pretto, Anita Pereira Fernandes, L Clara Dias, Roque Antao (Star of Arossim), Antonio Moraes, Pedro Caetano D'Silva, Thomas Domingo Antao, Remmie Colaco, M Boyer, John Claro Fernandes, Philomena Braz Crasto, Lucas Fernandes and Master Vaz were felicitated on the occasion.

Chief minister Digambar Kamat assured the gathering that his government "will look into the demands of tiatrists and tiatr lovers in further enhancing the art form". "Industry status is a long pending demand of the tiatr fraternity and I assure that my government will examine the modalities to accord an industry status to tiatr," said Kamat. He also sang a verse of a Konkani cantar, which won him a thunderous applause.

Besides TAG members, home minister Ravi Naik and commissioner for NRI affairs Eduardo Faleiro were also present. The inaugural function was followed by a cultural programme which included comedy skits and songs by amateur artistes.

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Jose Rod to release his first Konkani DVD/VCD today
- by Alex Fernandes (Kuwait Times)

Jose Rod, a Kuwait based Konkani dramatist needs no
introduction with the overseas Goans risiding here sa
he is one of the top artistes in the Konkani Arts and
Theatre, who in the past has written, staged and
directed a number of super-hit dramas besides
compositing songs for them and to his credit he has
released many albums like 'Menino Jesu', Augoun',
'Tarvotti', 'Adeus', 'Suskar' and the newly released

Rod is the first overseas dramatist fromn the Konkani
Arts Academy who has
bagged a prestigious award as a writer, director,
singer, and actor at a go. It's a great honour and
recognition for such an extra-ordinary artiste of
Rod's calibre to acquire such an indelible award at a
very young age. Rod, a humourous and soft-spoken
personality, deserves to be highly commended for his
well-penned scripts. He has written atleast over 30 of
them, out of which 'Mauli' (Spider) broke 200
housefull show records all over India. 'Nisson'
(Ladder) was also well acknowledged by all his ardent
fans here, in India and all over the Gulf.

Rod who is impressively popular with his singing and
acting proficiency is also the first Goan of Konkani
Arts and Theatre from Kuwait to be interviewed by
Qatar TV, when he visited there with his team of
versatile performers for hsi hit drama entitled
'Divorce'. Besides Qatar, Rod also travelled to other
neighbouring Gulf states like Dubai, Muscat, Bahrain
and Abu Dhabi with his offbeat plays. He also staged
his most popular play 'Mauli' all over the Gulf. His
new drama 'Deva Dilem Devncharan Velem' was well
appreciated by one and all. He had 24 shows in 21 days
held in the main cities of Goa like Panjim, Margao,
Mapusa and Sanvordem. He also took the previlege to
stage this hit show in the neghbouring Gulf states
like Dubai, Qatar including Kuwait.

Rod is the only overseas artiste from Kuwait who needs
to be highly praised for his supreme accuracy in his
stage performance. His lyrics are so powerful and
above all meaningful that one has listen to them
carefully for his notable libretto. Rod can mould and
extract the best performances from his artistes in his
shows as well. He has introduced most of the senior
(talented) artistes in his plays and this has proven
his versatility as a great performer.

Besides being an expert in penning his own scripts and
lyrics, Rod is also one of the best vocalists we have
today. His sentimental and racy numbers, which carries
a lot of well-expressed flexibility without any
blooper and blunder, is incredible. Rod, with his soft
tonal voice shapes the configuration of the song in
his own way, and later audition it
competently in the recording studio with the
musicians. Some of Rod's songs from his different
albums have become big hits with his fans here and in
India too. He practises singing quite often by
dedicating some of his valuable time - irrespective of
the work pressure he gets in the office. His wife
Judy who is also a professional singer assists him in
singing for his new albums.

Rod's hit songs from his albums 'Suskar' and 'Sopnam'
can be heard on Kuwait Airways flights (all
destinations) and his music schedule (songs) comes
under the regional music category of the KAC Inflight
magazine. He is the first overseas Goan actor/singer
to receive such a recognition for his work - and all
his enthusiastic fans who loves his good music and who
travel all the way to India or else to other
destinations all over the world can avail this
opportunity to hear Rod's melodious vocie throughout
their voyage.

Rod, an outspoken personality who works hard in all
his albums including the newly released one 'Sopnam'
employs professional vocalists (including the
Nightingale of Goa, Lorna) and musicians for his
product. He makes sure that he gives his ardent fans
his very best - be it on stage or in the recording
studio. Now to the suprise of all his fans, Rod is
all set to release his first Konkani DVD/VCD 'Devan
Dilem Devncharan Velem' with Roseferns, Jose Rod,
Meena, Annie, Agnes, Tari, Menino, Mario, Anciet,
Francis de Tuen, Cajetan de Sanvordem, Comedians
Domnic, Augustine, John D'Silva, Louis Bachchan (not
related to our Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan) and
Succorine. His DVD/VCD will be released at the Goan
Heritage Programme, which is to be held at the Crowne
Plaza Hotel on Thursday (today) evening (November 27,

Rod is the first overseas artistes from Kuwait to
announce his first DVD/VCD to his fans. 'Devan
Dilem....' is initiated by none other than Fabian
D'Costa, owner of the Manfa Music. This entire DVD
rights is sold by Rod to Manfa Music under the banner
of Rekka Production. 'Devan Dilem....' is dubbed
separately in the studio by Magic Touch. Title
sequences are being illustrated by none other than
T-Bush. According to Rod, this is a novel concept
first of its kind which has been never exhibited
before to this fans. This DVD/VCD analyzes sharp
dubbing strategy in a dubbing studio similar to
Bollywood films. The concerned artistes according to
Rod have done a fantastic job in dubbing their own
dialogues and the background score, which is endowed
with the flashback, is extraordinary. The title song
'Devan Dilem....' has some special effects parallel to
the one we observe on the MTV and Channel V music
channels with hi-tech digital sound. A lot of hard
work has gone into the production of this first mega
Konkani DVD/VCD. 'Devan Dilem....' DVD/VCD is
available at all the local music stores in Kuwait.

(courtesy: Kuwait Times)


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